Clue’less at a nightclub murder mystery party

A Clueless crew at The Playground
Photo: Beverly Poppe

What a confusing night. I’m still not sure what went down. No, I wasn’t drunk; I was at the “Get a CLUE Murder Mystery Cocktail Party,” triple-sponsored by’s Nightlife group, Everything ’80s group and Cougar Unlimited group. At 10:15, the Playground’s lights went out. At 10:16, a woman screamed. Then the lights came back on, and Lola BoDee, a socialite with Monopoly money stuffed in her cleavage, was “dead.” Who killed her? Professor Plum with the revolver? Detective Bond with the stuffed animal? Harvey Epstein with the dildo? (Okay, so the players took some liberties with the traditional CLUE narrative.) Beats me. But I’ll tell you this, when it’s late at night and you’re at a Vegas strip club, everybody looks guilty.


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