An interview with “dead” singer Kimberly Cole

Kimberly Cole

Singer Kimberly Cole is dead.

No, wait. False alarm.

Fans may have freaked out when “Kimberly Cole is dead” tweets began circulating, but it was all part of a charity fundraiser to raise $1 million and awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and India. Now that she’s back from the dead, Cole performs and hosts at Revolution on December 12. Expect her Billboard chart-topping single “Smack You,” plus a few surprises. “Vegas is my favorite place to perform,” Cole says. “It’s amazing. I’m just so excited I get to come back. I feel like when you say, ‘I’m going to Vegas!’ people think you’ve made it. It’s great.” Read on for more with the songstress …

There might be some confusion between you and similarly-named actress Kim Coles. Have you ever met her?

Yes! I have! One of my very first performances was kind of silly and random. Someone wanted me to sing at the Improv. In the audience was Kim Coles. She actually came up to me and wanted to take a picture with me because we have the same name. … On WireImage sometimes my pictures will get mixed up with hers. … There’s actually a porn star, too, named Kimberly Cole and I’m like, “No! That’s not me!” I haven’t met her yet.

Did you ever think about changing your name?

You know what? I think I should have because I didn’t really think about it before. I’m the kind of girl that I do music because I love it. I never really said to myself, “Okay, in case I’m famous, how am I going to do this?” But now, I wish I would have. But maybe if I’m über-famous one day, I’ll just chop the Cole, but people already know my last name.

If you did have to pick a stage name, what do you think it would have been?

I don’t know. But when I was little, I’d always change my name to a boy name. I wanted to be different, so I’d say, “Call me Shawn,” or, “Call me Randy.” I’m over that phase now. That was when I was seven and thought that was cool.

When you perform at Revolution, will you be doing anything on wheels since you’re also a champion roller-skater?

I wish! The stage is small so I can’t bring the roller skates, but when I’m performing on a big stage, there will definitely be roller skating extravaganza action.

I’m surprised you haven’t come out here to skate and perform for Down & Derby.

It’d be perfect! We need to set that up. People are so freaked out when I do the first song and I come rolling out. That’d be amazing.

Has the chick that inspired “Smack You” figured out yet that she’s the subject of the song?

You know what? I’m not sure. I think she must have because we kind of run in the same circle, which is kind of crazy. When she finally finds out, either she’s the kind of person where she’s going to be excited that someone wrote a song about her, or we might get in a fight for real. I’m not sure. I think about that sometimes.


The Details
Kimberly Cole at Revolution
December 12, doors at 10 p.m.
$20, free for locals
Beyond the Weekly
Kimberly Cole

Are you friends with the girl who portrays her in the video?

I am. I worked with her before and we were trying to come up with the perfect bitch. At one point, we were going to cast the real girl because she is an actress herself. But then we thought the energy on set would be kind of weird because she definitely has the type of personality that’s loud and obnoxious. We nixed that idea.

Do you have your first full-length album in the works?

I have 10 songs altogether on a new album called The Bad Girls Club, which is the soundtrack for the actual show on Oxygen. It’ll be out December 21 and there’s going to be a lot of promotion around January … and I’m going to be in an episode of the Bad Girls Club. This is my first album, so I’m really excited. I get to say album instead of EP or single, so that’s exciting.

To keep up to date with Kimberly Cole, visit her site at and follow her on Twitter @kimberlycole1

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