Nightlife news & notes: Chocolate milk from grown-ups, new plans for Noir Bar and more

The entrance to Noir Bar at the Luxor.

Grown-ups just love being reminded of their youth. Cocktail culture alone proves this fun fact. The Gummy Bear, Jolly Rancher and Scooby Snack shots are prime examples, and now the world can enjoy a jolt of alcohol-infused nostalgia, Adult Chocolate Milk. The 40-proof creamy chocolate libation will take you back to the cafeteria lunchroom while giving you a boozy kick, with adult varieties of orange cream, fruit punch and limeade coming soon. Childhood-in-a-bottle will cost you $24 a liter, with a 750-milliliter jug available for a limited time for $16. To take a shot of sweet childhood, visit Then grab your swizzle straw and enjoy responsibly! –Mark Adams

Word on the street (okay, word from nightlife hosts) has Noir Bar undergoing a mega makeover. Once a super-secret cocktail haven at the Luxor under LAX, Noir eventually opened its doors to the public. Now it will be reincarnated as new space for the cocktilian set Savile Row. Named for the high-end central-London district known for its bespoke tailoring, the venue will aim to tailor its nightlife experience for those craving a more intimate experience, craft cocktails and a private curbside entrance. Hiring is under way, with Savile Row slated to open New Year’s weekend. –Deanna Rilling

Move over, Moda … to Downtown, that is. Recently, we wrote about Lightknife (Pedi Amiri), Pantherface (Afghan Raiders’ Mikey Francis) and Digital Boy (Luca Pretolesi) launching their night of underground sounds at Lolita’s, but it looks like the Fremont East District is a better fit. They’ll call Vanguard Lounge home starting December 15. –D.R.

Singer Kimberly Cole is dead. No, wait. False alarm. Fans may have freaked out when “Kimberly Cole is dead” tweets began circulating, but it was all part of a charity fundraiser to raise $1 million and awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and India. Now that she’s back from the dead, Cole performs and hosts at Revolution on December 12. Expect her Billboard chart-topping single “Smack You,” plus a few surprises. “Vegas is my favorite place to perform,” Cole says. “It’s amazing. I’m just so excited I get to come back. I feel like when you say, ‘I’m going to Vegas!’ people think you’ve made it. It’s great.” Check out the complete interview with Cole here. –D.R.

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