Meet @MarqueeLV: Get to know these faces at the new Cosmopolitan nightclub

Marquee staff (clockwise from left): Genevieve Cleary, Bof Santos, Ryan Klaasen, Lisa Pittman, Justen Crews and Michelle Engstrom.
Photo: Leila Navidi

Hello, my name is: Geneviève Cleary. What I do: artistic director. How I’m keeping busy: “This is a cool project. The main room is still intimate enough for me to create shows that are much more interesting. Every headlining DJ has their own personal theme, meaning there’s going to be lots of different shows where production meets with the music.” One time while performing ... : “I was dancing in a French-style cabaret show and wearing a huge costume with small eyeholes and couldn’t see very well. I danced right off the stage onto a table.” Follow me on Twitter: @GenCleary

Hello, my name is: Bof Santos. What I do: brand ambassador. Marquee will alter Vegas nightlife because: “Electronic dance music’s popularity is vastly rising in Las Vegas. Marquee will totally make it a whole new ballgame and transform into the best dance-music club in the U.S.” Forget Shazam: “Everybody can come up to me and ask what song is playing. I’m a walking tracklist.” Follow me on Twitter: @bofran

Hello, my name is: Ryan Klaasen. What I do: general manager. Marquee’s best feature is: “Marquee has the most sophisticated main room showpiece built for entertaining. It’s also the first club I’ve seen where you walk in and it’s immaculate—even in the daylight.” What’s up with my nickname? “Some people call me ‘CTC’ because I eat so much Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” Follow me on Twitter: @RynoK46

Hello, my name is: Lisa Pittman. What I do: resident DJ for the Library at Marquee. How I know this club will rock: “It’s a Tao property, and they always deliver the goods.” Coolness isn’t just for people: “I just gave my Yorkie a Mohawk from head to tail.” Follow me on Twitter: @DJLISAPITTMAN

Hello, my name is: Michelle Engstrom. What I do: celebrity liaison/VIP host. When I’m just hanging out at Marquee, you’ll find me: “In the Library. I love it because it’s so cozy, and as someone who works in nightlife, it’s a nice escape and alternative. I love the intimate, cozy, comfortable feel. It reminds me of the back room at Trousdale [in West Hollywood].” About those shoes: “I’m 5-10, and I insist on wearing the highest heels ever. I want to see over the crowd, plus it’s easier to make your way through a club.” Follow me on Twitter: @michellengstrom

Hello, my name is: Justen Crews. What I do: VP of customer development/VIP host. At Marquee you can: “Practically live inside of a nightclub at one of the poolside bungalows.” Speaking of those bungalows ... : “Every Thursday I’m going to knock on one of the bungalows—suitcase in tow—and introduce myself as their new best friend for the weekend.” Follow me on Twitter: @JustenMarqueeLV

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