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Finding a soul mate in a nightclub seems like a ridiculously bad idea. Between the disgustingly tired cries of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” from tourists looking for a weekend hookup and the plethora of plastic people normal folks feel they’ll never be able to compete with, locating a special someone while wearing beer goggles in a crowd of raging hormones can feel close to impossible.

Now, with the inevitable V-Day looming over our heads this Sunday, our thoughts turn to nightlifers in love… something many may think is impossible in the crazy party scene.

Take, for example, head-over-heels couple Dex and Crystal in our Valentine’s photo feature in this coming Thursday's Valentine's issue. In addition, my friend Toni Rucci met her now-husband at Curve nightclub back in the day (before it was Privé). And Dave “Dave-O” Garcia (aka Stellar of Svast & Stellar) recently got hitched to sexy N9NE Group cocktail server and electronic dance music fan Abbigail Peltier. And these are only a few examples that come to mind.

The Details

Paul Oakenfold presents Perfecto
Every Saturday, 11 p.m.
Rain, 942-6832

But if you adore nightclubs and still feel you’re destined to spend a lifetime (or at least your 20s and 30s) looking for love in all the wrong places, don’t give up. There’s someone for everyone. We have proof in the form of the literal sparks flying between another new couple whose relationship is already red hot.

Brace yourselves: Grinder Girl has a boyfriend.

You won’t find a more perfect pair anywhere in Las Vegas. When the character of Grinder Girl began as a solo act at Rain’s Perfecto, there seemed to be a sadness in her eyes as the audience couldn’t return her embers of affection. Alone, she’d stand at the edge of the stage, shooting fire off her crotch in a one-sided love affair of give, give, give without receiving.

Until now.

“She found her mate!” said Perfecto’s artistic director Geneviève Cleary when I first noticed Grinder Girl’s new beau. “Thank God someone is following the story!” Cleary joked.

Now a dynamic duo, Grinder Girl and Grinder Boy are entwined weekly, lovingly—and sometimes erotically—showering one another in sparks. While regular people grind on the dance floor, this hot new couple dressed in strategically placed pieces of metal grind on each other. And together, this scorching, searing conflagration of coupledom proves it’s possible to find a partner at even the freakiest fêtes.

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