Exclusive: A Juicy Vegas residency for Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera spins for the Juicy Beach party in Miami.
Courtesy of Juicy Music

Summer Sundays at Wet Republic are getting even sexier in 2010. Or should we say, juicer?

“We’re doing Juicy Beach in Las Vegas starting in May through October with Wet Republic at the MGM,” producer and DJ Robbie Rivera told the Weekly today in an exclusive interview. Entering its third season this year, the popular ultra pool known for its “daylife” will be the new home-away-from-home for the house-music event.

“I’m definitely going to bring my music and my vibe; that’s probably the most important thing,” Rivera said. He believes Wet Republic is planning on special decorations as well for the monthly event. “We’re coming up with an idea of how to have the same experience [in Vegas].”

DJ/producer Robbie Rivera

DJ/producer Robbie Rivera


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Held at Nikki Beach and one of the most popular events in Miami during the Winter Music Conference, the next Juicy Beach party will take place March 25 in Miami for a whopping 17 hours of non-stop electronic music. “Juicy Beach is an amazing party,” Rivera said. “You’re partying outside and listening to some of the best DJs in the industry,” Rivera says. “My advice to somebody that wants to stay the whole time is you need to drink Red Bull and eat the burgers that they do because they do amazing burgers,” he joked.

Noted names such as Funkagenda, Oscar G, George Acosta and Bart B More are scheduled for the Miami party and look for DJs along those lines to show up for Vegas’ Juicy Beach, as well. In addition, Vegas regulars Scotty Boy and Tony Arzadon will spin for the Miami party. For an even stronger Vegas/Miami connection, Rivera said Wet Republic is also one of the Juicy Beach Miami sponsors.

So, who’ll spin for Juicy Beach Vegas? “We’re working on a lineup now because we’re all aware that Wet Republic brings a lot of talent on Sundays,” Rivera said, adding that they’re finalizing the DJs that will rock the pool. However, he did confirm he’ll spin for the Vegas Juicy Beach parties each month – Arzadon will be the opening DJ, and a different big-name guest DJ will step behind the tables, as well.

With all the established pool parties in Vegas, plus a few new ones opening this year, how did Rivera and Juicy ultimately decide to partner with Wet Republic? “To be honest, we had a few requests from other hotels,” he said. “We were thrilled because I have never had so many requests from different corporations. We chose Wet Republic because, first of all, they’ve been asking me for a few years already and to tell you the truth, my buddy Tony Arzadon spoke so well about them and I took that into consideration,” Rivera explained. “Some of the other companies wanted to do just one, two shows a year. When Wet Republic said once a month, I was like, ‘Wow. That’s awesome!’”

But if you can’t make it to Miami for WMC, Juicy Ibiza is out of the question and you’re impatient waiting until May 23 for the first Vegas Juicy Beach, you can catch Rivera on February 4 at Vanity for Godskitchen.

Wait, wasn’t he scheduled for last Thursday?

“Oh my God — I was so pissed! I’ll tell you what happened,” said Rivera. “I was at home in the studio and... I totally forgot I was leaving at 4 p.m. That never happens to me.” He then planned on catching the next flight out from his home in Miami to make the gig. “But then you guys had that horrible storm that was raining and snowing or whatever was going on in Vegas and my flight kept on getting delayed and delayed and the last time it got delayed I was going to arrive around 1:30 in the morning.” Hence, next week’s gig.

Fortunately, the probability of a mid-summer snowstorm in the mountains surrounding Vegas is low, so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about Rivera missing the Wet Republic gigs due to inclement weather.

“When you come to one of my parties where I’m playing, it’s just a lot of energy thrown at you at the spot,” Rivera said. “I do not know why so many DJs just play the same, minimal music that doesn’t go anywhere. It’s great for a few hours at some venues, but at beach and pool areas? C’mon, man. Happy, happy vibes is what I’m talking about!”

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