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Free hugs! Ravers out for a dose of “Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility.”
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Dang it, I left my furry boot covers at home. I wasn't in full-on raver garb Saturday (hey, it's fun to dress up sometimes, don't judge), but it was time to revisit the good ol' Fort Cheyenne Events Center (2428 E. Cheyenne Ave.) anyway. For almost three years, New Galaxy has thrown underground electronic music events there. Many might think that scene died out long ago, but the July 10 edition of Sounds of the Underground proved otherwise.

Doors opened to "all responsible ages" at 8 p.m.; when I stopped by around 9:30, hard trance was bumping for wall-to-wall sweaty dancers and cuddle puddles. (The night also featured electro, drum and bass, break and house.) All together, more than 300 attendees stopped by for the alcohol-free party, held two or three times a month. New Galaxy has definitely upped the ante from its earliest events, adding moving lights, projection screens, inflated sculpture installations and more. "We try to do different setups each time and different themes," Slava with New Galaxy explains.

Before anyone assumes SOTU consists of a bunch of kids on drugs in a condemned building, think again. Okay, some people are probably on something, but that's no different any night in any club. New Galaxy's parties are licensed and legal. "Security is searching people and watching out what's going on at our events, and there's police presence all the time just in case," Slava says. "I encourage the under-18 people to have their parents and grandparents drop them off and pick them up. It's better for everyone to know what's going on."

If you're not a fan of sharing a dance floor with the kiddies, curfew is enforced at midnight, so show up a bit later. Or check out Rated R, New Galaxy's new 18-and-over event, on July 17; alcohol will be available to those of legal age. "It's something new I want to offer the 21-and-over crowd who like the underground vibe but don't want to go to the casino clubs," Slava says.

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