Dirty Vegas: DJ/producer Paul Harris returns to the scene of the crime

DJ/producer Paul Harris

The Details

Godskitchen featuring Paul Harris
June 17, doors at 10:30 p.m.
Vanity Nightclub
4455 Paradise Road
(Inside the Hard Rock Hotel)
Beyond the Weekly
Paul Harris

Vegas is about to get one-third dirtier. British DJ/producer Paul Harris, also known for his work with Grammy-winning electronic music trio Dirty Vegas, spins a solo set June 17 at Vanity for Godskitchen.

While he may drop a few new Dirty Vegas tracks from the album they just finished (release date TBD), a plethora of Paul Harris originals and remixes are more likely. "I play all of my own music normally," says Harris. "I'm in the studio practically 24 hours a day and then get out to clubs luckily enough sometimes and play my own records.

"I guess at the moment, my sound is straight up house," Harris says of his solo work. "I can be quite eclectic as well, so on my laptop I do have a vast selection of music to see what the crowd wants. But if I could play what I just want to play, I just play straight up house."

As far as billing, does Harris mind the Dirty Vegas association when out on his own? "Dirty Vegas is probably bigger than Paul Harris, so I guess it helps to bring people to the show," he says. Not much seems to faze the self-proclaimed all-around nice guy. "I guess you just don't shit on your own doorstep," he laughs. "The dance and the music industry is very, very small, so if you do something bad to some person, it'll come back to you, so I'm just pretty nice. I never upset anyone."

However, Harris does asks that we all help him stay away from gambling while in Vegas — one of the dirty sides of this city that inspired his group's name one night while at a casino. He adds, "If people come see me at the club, I'll probably buy a few people a drink!"

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