Recap: The freaks come out for DJ Skribble’s new residency

DJ Skribble behind the decks for the launch of Freak Show, his new residency at Studio 54.
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DJ Skribble and his Freak Show

The freaks come out at night. Saturday night to be exact. At 12:30 a.m. March 6, DJ Skribble got behind the decks and launched his new weekly residency at Studio 54.

With a video intro behind the noted turntabilist that was reminiscent of a combination of early 1900s circus sideshow acts and images that could have been used in the Saw series, the themed party began. As the screen lifted and the footage continued on a screen in front of the DJ booth as well, a sign emblazoned with Skribble’s name and the Freak Show party logo lit up. An ecstatic couple near the stage took a moment from bumping and grinding to yell out, “This is sick! This is so sick!” and began dancing even harder as confetti showered down.

Skribble hyped the crowd with a twist on the most popular club-banging tracks and his energy spilled over from the stage to the packed house. Some attendees got in on the Freak Show theme and arrived wearing wardrobes accented with miniature top hats, feathers and assorted garb that could have easily placed them atop a go-go platform alongside Studio 54’s dancers.

Signs on the DJ booth facade promised appearances of “Screw Face,” “Glass Walking,” “Sword Swallowing,” and “Human Pin Cushion.” While Skribble took on the double task of commanding the music and the visuals by VJing, the real freaks took center stage just after 1:15 a.m.

A regularly scheduled staple for Freak Show, SwingShift SideShow enhanced the night as Kelvikta the Blade rolled out on skates and glided around to a remix of Queen’s “Flash” before swallowing the lengthy blade of her sword. Jenn O. Cide and Andrew S. joined Kelvikta, who then held trays of wine-filled glasses for Jenn, only to have her flirt coyly with the audience (“Call Me!” she mouthed to someone at the foot of the stage) while downing the alcohol. Yet, this was not enough to satiate her thirst — and apparently hunger. Jenn then proceeded to make a feast out of the stemware, happily crunching and devouring the glasses.

SwingShift SideShow performers entertain during DJ Skribble's Freak Show.

SwingShift SideShow performers entertain during DJ Skribble's Freak Show.

The trio vacated the stage after their first performance and an aerialist twisted above the crowd amid drapery hung from the rafters near the disco ball that alluded being under the big top.

Throughout the rest of the night, the attention switched between Skribble’s DJing and various freakish acts, such as Andrew S.’s ability to lift objects using hooks, chains and his eye sockets. As far as future surprises, Skribble exclusively told the Weekly earlier in the day to look for special guests to join he and the freaks on stage, such as Dave Navarro making a guest appearance March 27.

Want to know more about DJ Skribble’s Freak Show? See it for yourself every Saturday night at Studio 54, and check back later this week for our video interview with Skribble and footage from the first night, only at

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