Nite Bite: Wet Republic declares war on nightlife

It’s war! In Wet Republic’s new ad campaign nightlife gets hosed.

Hey nightclubs: Get your ammo ready. A war has been declared on nightlife by an entire republic.

It’s rare we stop in awe at an advertisement these days (with the exception of the Adult Scene classifieds in the back of the Weekly), but we have to give props to the new Wet Republic campaign featuring a bevy of fierce beauties in camo bikinis attacking a stereotypical nightlife set (which, for some reason, still insists on wearing sunglasses at night).

“The concept evolved over time,” says Nick McCabe of Angel Management Group, the company who works with the MGM Grand on all things daylife. McCabe says coming out of the pool-party season last year they started brainstorming about what pool parties have that nightclubs don’t. But instead of simply listing the pros, they declared an all-out war — in good fun, of course.

Partnering with the MGM’s creative team, AMG’s team developed the concept for this season and held a few photoshoots in LA to stage the impressive ads. (That means more fun ads to come, too!)

“The pool scene has begun to take over,” says McCabe, whose favorite prop used in the shoot was an inflatable shark. “It’s a fantastic experience; it’s more fun.”

If this year at Wet Republic is anything like the previous two — or even like the ad — it’s going be a good one. No word yet on if the nightclubs plan to retaliate with cocktail-olive-loaded slingshots and battery-operated tealights. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.

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