I drank 30 beers and all I got was this T-shirt

Only 29 more to go…
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If all you get after downing 30 different beers is the creeping feeling that you might be turning into your father, you are obviously frequenting the wrong pub, because downing that many deserves a pat on the back.

Actually, it deserves a T-shirt, and that is exactly what you will be rewarded with after completing the first round of Down the Hatch, the drinking club/challenge at Crown & Anchor, which rewards patrons willing to drink every one of their 30 on-tap offerings.


Crown & Anchor
1350 E Tropicana Ave.

It's simple. Grab a card (conveniently located on the back of their business cards) and have it stamped every time you try a different drink. Fill the card out completely and score a Down the Hatch T-shirt. Doing it twice scores you a baseball hat. Third time's a charm (mentally speaking, anyway) and a sweet soccer jersey, which you will undoubtedly wear during all the matches you watch there, because by the time you have drank that many beers at a bar, you're a regular. Next is a pair of Down the Hatch boxers, which we could see going over well on any date. Altogether there are eight rounds, with the ascending prizes being a tank top, polo shirt, long-sleeved shirt and "Puma-style" jacket.

The low-key challenge has no time restrictions, making it perfect for those who drink heavily the week after payday and then eat Top Ramen for the rest of the month. According to General Manager June Lemay, hundreds have completed the challenge since Crown & Anchor opened in 1995. Some have filled out more than eight cards, which has resulted in special rewards, like extra bragging rights, and cirrhosis of the liver. (Actually, you just get multiple jackets. There's no trading-up system that results in you earning a boat.)

The challenge is only offered at Crown & Anchor's Tropicana Avenue location, so our apologies to anyone who frequents the Spring Mountain Road branch of the pub. If you want to join the ranks of the Down the Hatchers (Hatchlings? Battle-tested Masters of Brew?), jump right in, Lemay says, but may we suggest having a method. One problem many people come across is drinking all the beers they are interested in trying and then having no motivation to drink the lamer ones at the end. So space any potential suck out, and drink the pear cider between your Guinness and Stella.

Actually, maybe you shouldn't drink that all in one sitting. Our preferred method: Visit the bar every day for one month. Imagine the friends you'll make! And, really, isn't that the best kind of reward there is?


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