Sorry boys - Ladies First!

Even in a room full of men watching basketball, ladies still come first

First ladies: Lynn Comella (left) and Staci Linklater check out the free stuff they got during Ladies Night at First Food & Bar.
Photo: Leila Navidi

Was it good 4 you?

station owner, 94.5-FM The Vibe
“I’m going to sign up for my card! I’m a newbie. I like the atmosphere here, it’s very friendly.”
DJ Jeff Retro
“It’s really kind of open-format. The secret weapon: vocals. Upbeat, happy stuff. Things that ladies like to sing along to—Journey.”
DJ McKenzie
“Secret weapon? The ’80s—it goes over really well. And Ke$ha, Madonna, Lady Gaga …”

L to R: Debra, Jeff Retro and McKenzie

It’s an unlikely scene for First Food & Bar’s new ladies night—a room almost entirely full of men giving 100 percent of their attention to the last few seconds of a basketball game; chef Sammy D’s lollipop buffalo chicken wings hang midair, halfway to their gaping mouths. My alma mater already having been eliminated, there’s little chance I’ll care about Xavier and Kansas State going into double-overtime, 87 to 87. But soon enough, the ladies do trickle in to collect their First Ladies cards and associated goodies.

Ah yes, the perks, they are aplenty.

Ladies are greeted at the door with the week’s featured drink, a complimentary glass of Hob Nob wine—not a bad way to round out a Thursday. After that, sponsor Ketel One cocktails are just $5 each, and food discounts abound … once one has signed up for the card. Raffles are ongoing for gift bags by Ketel One and Dior Cosmetics, which has a commandeered a table by the bar for on-the-spot makeovers and consultations. Personally, I would need a cocktail before discussing the shape of my eyebrows or how to hide tricky under-eye circles with a stranger. So proximity to the bar is key.

The guys in the room exchange glances while the ladies take turns in the Dior hot seat. Eyes roll. Guys: I spent, like, two hours getting hot for girls night out tonight. Two whole hours. I don’t wake up hot; no one does. (Your girlfriend woke up before you did, brushed her hair and teeth and that’s why she’s not a hot mess. It’ll pass.) And I certainly don’t look hot after nine straight hours of work.

So fellas, before you get all steamed about having to pay cover to gain access to a club while we breeze past and then, once inside, you pay full price for drinks while we sip on free champers and play with whatever little trinket we’ve been awarded just for having breasts, just think of all the hours you saved by not having to primp tonight to hang out with your buddies at First Ladies!


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