MDW survival guide: Valuable advice from locals in the know

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MDW 2010 Guide

Layer, layer, layer! You never know where you’ll end up next or what type of party it is. Dress appropriately in an outfit that can take you from the pool to the club to afterhours to—hey, why not back to the pool again? Having deodorant on standby is a big plus! –Melissa Beecroft, Angel Management Group

This is not The Hangover. If you happened to find a tiger, baby, naked Asian dude or Mike Tyson in your room, please notify hotel security. Justin Baulé (Drai’s Afterhours and Blush Nightclub resident DJ) and DJ Shr3d (Down & Derby resident DJ)

Acronyms don’t stay in Vegas, they follow you home. For example: STD, DUI, UDI (Unidentified Drinking Injuries). –Kozmoe Alonzo, director of marketing, Haze nightclub

Do your homework on the various pools and parties. Don’t spend your money to get into a venue that is playing all house music if you don’t like house music. Plan on waiting in line for at least a good hour if you are not willing to spend thousands of dollars for VIP entrance, cabanas, etc., and bring a nice, frosty beverage for your wait. Exodus, resident DJ at the Palms

Do not eat Indian Food before you head into the pool. Even the slightest sneeze could cause a murky situation! -Anonymous nightclub employee

What happens in Vegas gets tagged on Facebook. The Sin City Socialites

Blinking devil horns and penis shaped lollipops are a sure way to pick up poor frat boys.-Alonzo

Recent studies have shown that wearing tinfoil infused and bedazzled shirts at the pool greatly increases your risk of skin cancer. -Baulé & Shr3d

If you go home with a DJ, just remember: There is one of you in each city. –Zee Zandi, Angel Management Group

No matter how much your high heels hurt, leave them on when walking through Downtown. –Chris Lose, Resodence Events owner

Don’t smoke a “J” while walking down the Strip. (Do it in a parking garage.) –The Sin City Socialites

One’s opinions, experiences, culture and ideas do not make banana hammocks okay. -Alonzo

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