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DJ/producer/refixer Chew Fu

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Chew Fu (11/3/10)

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Chew Fu
November 7 at Ghostbar, doors at 9 p.m.
November 9 at Moon, doors at 11 p.m.
$20 and up, locals free
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Chew Fu

Chew on this! Fu the “refixer” bring his future-perfect music to Vegas for the first time. We caught up with him before not one, but two gigs next week.

Your Las Vegas debut will be at Ghostbar Sunday November 7 and then November 9 for BANG! at Moon. DJs and producers know you and play your tracks, you have over 130 recent “refixes,” a Masters in Fine Arts, but you’re probably a new name to local clubbers. So tell ‘em in your words, who is Chew Fu?

I call myself a refixer. It’s actually from the word “remixing” of course. I take songs that are on the Billboard charts and I refix them in a totally different way. So you will hear pop songs from Britney Spears to 50 Cent and I will totally flip that into electro tracks.

Is there something specific clubbers should listen for so they know a track is a Chew Fu refix?

I do use a lot of vocals. I use a bit more vocals than most remixers. I really like vocals. So I do make it an art of keeping at least 90 percent of the vocals of the track and building a whole new, deeper electro sound under it.

With the term refixed, do you worry people might think you’re implying something was wrong with the track in the first place?

That’s what I worried about in the beginning, but it was also just to have them turn their heads. Everyone is remixing, so I was like, “If I call something a ‘refix’ and the original composer really likes it, it’s a good thing. It would be a bad thing if they would hate it. Normally that doesn’t happen—it happens sometimes, but that’s all good. Basically I call it a refix because it’s like a complete new production.

Chew Fu chats about bringing a tap dancer, MC and the future-perfect sound to town, plus a free mix download from Chew Fu and complete interview in the Nocturnal Admissions podcast, both available here.

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