Vive la France! Bob Sinclar played to a keen crowd at Haze

What a character: Bob Sinclar, aka Christophe Le Friant, spins at Haze.
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Bob Sinclar

Getting a little Haze-y with Bob Sinclar Sunday night.

Who the fuck is Bob Sinclar? He’s the French house DJ/producer superstar alter-ego of Christophe Le Friant. He cites Hugh Hefner as a hero. And he packed in clubgoers for a high-energy set October 17 at Haze.

“I like to be Bob Sinclar when you come to see me,” Le Friant told the Weekly before his set. Choosing the alias as an homage to Jean-Paul Belmondo’s character Bob Saint-Clar in the ’70s film Le Magnifique, Le Friant says the persona has allowed him to reach unbelievable heights. “I love this character. Actually, I live my dreams with this name.”

As he took control of the tables just after 1 a.m., the party was in full effect, made even more impressive by the fact that Haze isn’t typically open on Sundays. Yeah, this guy’s kind of a big deal. At least, he is now. “It’s hard because in America, they didn’t really care about dance music until now,” Le Friant said.

Well, Bob, we’re paying attention these days, especially in Vegas. The Haze crowd reveled when he dropped his hits, from new single “Tik Tok” through chart-topping hit “World, Hold On.” “I ask the best DJs I love to remix all my tunes so I’m able to play the tracks always in my DJ sets so it’s never old,” Le Friant said. And the fans seemed appreciative. You might recognize them by their ironic “Who the fuck is Bob Sinclar?” shirts. After his set, we might order a few, too.

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