Tales from the Sindustry: Local nightlifers tell their best stories

Careful, dude. Any one of these ladies could be putting the “P” in “pool party.”
Photo: Tiffany Brown

That night you woke up in a stranger’s hotel room … pantsless. Or the $1,000 on your credit card bill from a strip club you don’t remember visiting. And then there’s that time Paris Hilton asked if she could say she borrowed your purse for some reason …

Vegas partying is the stuff legends are made of, and those working in the club scene have experienced their fair share of shenanigans. For the launch of our new recurring feature Tales from the Sindustry, five familiar faces share memorable moments.

Potty Emergency

Scotty Boy

Scotty Boy

Scotty Boy, DJ/producer

Sometimes ya gotta go. But the restroom is soooo far away. And for a DJ, when you’re in the middle of a set, it’s not like you can just ask anyone nearby to watch the turntables. Such was the case for Vegas-based Scotty Boy, who sure didn’t earn his No. 5 spot on America’s Best DJ poll two years running by taking frequent bathroom breaks:

“I had to pee and couldn’t leave the DJ booth—so I pissed in a Red Bull can,” he admits of a night when the only thing he could hold was the crowd on the dance floor. If that relief didn’t give him wings, what happened next fueled something, if only muffled fits of laughter. “Later I saw a girl pour it into her glass of vodka. Best part is, she didn’t even notice. And I didn’t tell her.”

Driving Mr. Deadmau5

Melissa Beecroft

Melissa Beecroft, Social Media Coordinator for Angel Management Group

Superstar DJ/producers are used to being chauffeured around in style. But there’s nothing like a disappearing limo driver to motivate a star to explore other options. A two-toned 1993 Toyota Camry, for example.

Melissa Beecroft spent the better part of Memorial Day Weekend 2010 helping wrangle talent for the big blowout at Wet Republic. After the last event, with Deadmau5 and Afrojack playing until long after sunset, both were ready to head back to their hotel. Unfortunately, some transportation confusion had left the electronic music acts and their crew stranded.

Beecroft to the rescue! “I squeezed Deadmau5 and his head in the backseat along with pretty much 7-foot Afrojack and his manager in my little four-door piece of crap,” she says. Despite a cramped car and a second trip to retrieve Deadmau5’s manager, she says they were good sports about the whole ordeal. Beecroft has since had her car painted one color.

Stand and deliver

Mikey McNulty

Mikey McNulty

Mikey McNulty, nightlife photographer

Photographers typically capture the story, not become part of it. Last Labor Day weekend, however, Mikey McNulty was at a pool party when he got more than a few memorable shots—and something folks might pay good money for in Pahrump.

“These girls from Boston were standing next to me, obviously completely intoxicated beyond belief,” McNulty recalls. As he snapped away, he felt something wet on his foot. “I looked down and I saw that I was standing on a garden hose, so I thought that’s what I was feeling … but it ended up being that this girl wedged right next to me started peeing.”

The best part: “She actually ended up requesting high-resolution photos from that day three months later.”

Rapper + afterhours = free lap dances

Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark, Go-Go dancer for Fusion Afterhours at Déjà vu Erotic Ultra Lounge

No stranger to seeing others give lap dances from her spot on a Go-Go stage, Jamie Clark was once on the receiving end of a dance—and from a Grammy winner no less.

At Drai’s Afterhours, a stranger approached Clark, waving her and her friend to his table. They politely declined. Then declined again. But he was persistent.

“He kind of pointed over and Coolio was sitting there with these two girls, and he’s like, ‘What, you don’t want to hang out with Coolio?’” Clark gave in and was dragged over to the table. “They said, ‘Hey, you wanna go smoke?’” Again she politely declined, only to have Coolio himself ask if she didn’t want to hang out. He then told her to take a seat and offered to dance for her. “He gave me a little lap dance and the two girls that were with him were giving me very dirty looks,” says Clark. “I have to say, that was one of my more interesting nights out.”

Around the World … er … Vegas with Daft Punk

Jonathan Shecter

Jonathan Shecter, Executive Director Of Marketing for Las Vegas Nightlife Group (Blush, Encore Beach Club, Surrender)

Even if you were sitting right next to Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, aka Daft Punk, you wouldn’t know it. Few have seen the heads behind the helmets, save for some old photos and videos on YouTube. But after meeting with the guy behind the electronic duo’s elaborate stage shows, that changed for Jonathan Shecter.

“A week or two passes and I get an email from this guy. He’s like, ‘Hey Shecky, I’m coming to Vegas on a spur of the moment thing. Do you have any suggestions about where I can go?’”

Of course, Shecter recommended the house music night at Blush on Wednesdays, but didn’t realize he’d be spending the evening with Daft Punk and some of their friends as well. Then, like any good Vegas local playing host to out-of-town guests, Shecter took ’em to a strip club. “We show up at the Rhino and they start asking me a million questions,” Shecter says. “They were all extremely well-behaved; none of them got a dance. They simply wanted to see what it looked like and they wanted to understand that side of Vegas.” And when their hit “Around the World” came on? “Not one person in the entire room realized that they were standing right there.”

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