We survived! A look back at the Labor Day weekend that was

Wait, why is it light out? spins Sunday at Wet Republic
Photo: Ethan Miller
Sarah Gianetto and Deanna Rilling

Twenty-dollar Patron shots. Unintentional ’80s flashbacks. Inflatable phalluses. Just a typical holiday weekend in Vegas. But do you remember any of it? Luckily the sleep deprivation and aforementioned tequila didn’t get in the way of our notetaking. Here are some of the moments, details and quotes you might have missed …

Amateur: What you are when it’s only Day 1 of LDW and you’re already puking in a pool.

Mass evacuation: What happens when someone pukes in a party pool.

Pickup line of the weekend: “So what do you do? Just look good?”

The Breakfast Club: Subliminal inspiration for one partier’s dance moves at Rain.

Most unexpected visual at a club: “Attention catheter users!” television ad.

Sign of the times: “All the ladies in the house who have a BlackBerry phone, say, ‘Hooooo!’”

1: Number of blow-up penises waving in front of the Wet Republic DJ booth Sunday; also the number of blow-up kangaroos waving in front of the DJ booth.

So many we lost count: Pairs of less-than-realistic implants spotted.

Girls and their girls at Wet Republic.

“He only shoots up once a week”: Admission by a musclehead’s friend. He was likely talking about steroids, not black tar heroin.

Burning Man: Place where more than a few people in Vegas said they would have rather been on Labor Day Weekend.

Kobe sliders: What Diddy ate for lunch Saturday at Wet Republic.

The Persuasion: Jersey Shore-esque nickname a bachelorette displayed on her sash.

“Live-in boyfriend”: How to refer to Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes’ man, with whom Rimes belatedly celebrated her 28th birthday Saturday at Tabú.

Neckties: Should be worn around the neck, not as a sweatband.

Jägermeister, Red Bull and Grey Goose: What Playboy playmate Jayde Nicole and friends drank at Eve nightclub Saturday—though hopefully not all mixed into one cocktail.

Unbuttoned shirts: Okay for daytime pool parties. Not okay for nightclubs.

7:30 a.m.: Approximate time Christopher Lawrence finished his set at Fusion Afterhours.

Best stripper accessory at the afterhours: Asian hand fan.

Leather: Material that should never be worn to a Vegas pool party, even if you are from the Black Eyed Peas.

Surefire way to never get laid: Show up to the Glamorous pool party at the Palms wearing arm floaties and a Speedo.

Benny Benassi signs autographs during Glamorous at Rain

Benny Benassi signs autographs during Glamorous at Rain

Surefire way to pick up chicks: Ignore us and wear those arm floaties and that Speedo with total confidence. To our shock, the ladies seemed to love it.

20: Percent of a bottled beer that actually makes it into the chugger’s mouth.

Pen and paper: What everyone at the foot of Rain’s stage during Glamorous probably wished they had as Benny Benassi stepped from the booth and signed autographs Sunday night.

Compliment of the weekend: “You remind me of New York in spring!”

Quote to sum up LDW 2010: “I’m about to rock Wet Republic tonight—I mean, today! I haven’t slept yet.” –


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