Tales from the Sindustry: Eduardo Cordova and Lady Gaga who?

Friend to the Famous: Cordova knew Lady Gaga before she was on the fast track to world domination.
Photo: Kristin Donaldson
Lady Gaga and Eduardo Cordova in 2008.

Lady Gaga and Eduardo Cordova in 2008.

Lady who?

Eduardo Cordova, President of Eduardo Cordova Presents

The costumes. The hair. The inability to get into a nightclub? Now recognizable by practically anyone with a TV and possibly beaming directly into the minds of people without such luxuries, Lady Gaga’s poker face wasn’t always so familiar. Take, for example, Labor Day Weekend 2008. Eduardo Cordova had booked the not-quite-yet-super-mega-star to perform for the White Party at House of Blues.

“After her performance and my event, I took her to the new [now defunct] afterhours at Studio 54,” Cordova says. But the staff had no idea they were in the presence of a dance music diva. “They were like, ‘Lady who?’” After placing a call to Angel Management’s Zee Zandi for backup, Cordova and Gaga were finally allowed to enter the club. Adds Cordova, “It was so funny and ironic that she hosted at Studio 54 this year after her concert at the MGM.”

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