Tourist outbursts and familiar faces at Vanity

So smooth: Green Velvet wears his sunglasses at night.
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“If anyone asks if you’re a god, say yes.” He noticed the puzzled expression on my face and followed with, “We’re all maniacs here!” This unsolicited philosophical insight at Vanity last Thursday came courtesy of someone who knows my name, but, for the life of me, I can’t remember his. At this point, I’ve seen him too many times to ask again.

Godskitchen @ Vanity

Green Velvet was headlining, and because “Shake and Pop” was bumping from the speakers, I could pretend not to hear and make my exit. Vanity, inside the Hard Rock Hotel, was as packed as I’d seen it in a while and full of people whose names I do remember. Though the dance floor was empty upon arrival, I chocked it up to the horde of people trying to get one last free drink during open bar; it promptly filled at 11:30 p.m. “I can’t control myself in Vegas!” a tourist from Arizona shouted at anyone who would listen.

Nearby, DJ Josh Abrams claimed he was being forced to party as a chick on a platform humped the back of his head. Dragged out for his birthday by the unofficial king of birthdays, DJ Stellar, Abrams left the safety of his studio for a night out with the party people. We pondered the Vanity go-go dancers, who pale in comparison to the go-gos Godskitchen had when the party was at Body English. They look good, but they ain’t got the moves. “They just do a hair flip, a couple of hip twists and then there’s the uninterested look on their face,” joked Abrams. “What we need is a bunch of 17-year-old raver chicks as go-gos,” he added. “Those [chicks] get down!” Fortunately, Green Velvet’s set grabbed more positive attention. As Abrams put it, “It’s the best music I’ve heard in here in a while.”

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