Luxor’s Savile Row aims for an “unpredictable” clientele

Savile Row gatekeeper Mike Diamond keeps out the riffraff.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Sarah Gianetto

There’s this really cool bar that just opened ... but you can’t go.

I’m perched in the middle of the space, near where the Drawing Room meets the Fitting Room, and my sweet, orangey 20-0-1 cocktail rests atop glass-encased shelves displaying neatly pressed collars. Booth seating around old sewing tables fills the bulk of the room.

I’m not at a fashion show or some clothing boutique party, but at Savile Row, a new addition to nightlife at the Luxor that opened last weekend in the space formerly home to Noir Bar.

Music is provided by a DJ mixing more timeless pop/rock music than at the usual Vegas bar. Modelesque cocktail servers wear not much more than men’s dress shirts, provided by the Cosmopolitan’s bespoke tailor shop Stitched. They, and the décor, look great, but a more interesting portrait is provided by Savile Row “gatekeeper” Mike Diamond.

Of course he’s wearing a suit at Savile Row—he’d be wearing a suit working the door anywhere in Vegas—but here his long, brown hair hangs rebelliously from under a stylish hat and his feet protrude from said suit in a pair of sneaks. I believe the word for his look is “eclectic,” and that Diamond, formerly of Snitch in New York and the Palms party of the same name, is in charge of the door creates added intrigue as to who will be granted access into what is being touted as Vegas’ exclusivity haven.

Three hundred members chosen by a secret board are allowed entry, and are welcome to suggest others for access. On any given night, however, their guests and other hopeful partiers are not guaranteed a chance to party in this intimate setting of leather, chandeliers, tailoring paraphernalia, classic articles of fashion and one metal rhinoceros. It all comes down to “the gatekeeper,” who is paying as much attention to personality as to style.

“People are what make the party, and when you have the right kind of personalities together in one room, the outcome is unpredictable,” says Neil Moffitt, CEO of Angel Management Group. “With Savile Row, we have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience by selectively inviting those with diverse backgrounds—ranging from artists, fashionistas, power players and celebrities—to produce a matchless environment that is exciting and impulsive.”

Equally alluring is that those who do make it past the velvet rope won’t have to pay a cover. Getting in for free is always in style.


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