Marquee’s Library Room offers Chicago vibe, hot Vegas women

I figured out why I love Marquee’s Library Room: It reminds me of Chicago. It’s got the look of a Chicago bar, the feel of a Chicago bar and the music of a Chicago bar. It’s got the books, it’s got the pool table. The only difference is, everybody’s pretty. Oh, I suppose the cost is different, too: Two specialty cocktails at the Library will run you $30. But when you factor in how good the drinks taste and how hard the bartenders work making them, the price isn’t unreasonable.

Yes, you have to walk up a couple of flights of stairs to get to the Library. And, yes, that can be tough if you’re wearing heels. But this self-selecting trek ensures that Library room patrons are low-maintenance. And call me demanding, but I wouldn’t want to meet a girl who wasn’t willing to walk up a couple of flights of stairs to meet me.


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