The Pub at Monte Carlo offers a cornucopia of beer with locals’ deals

Beer me: You want rice ale? No problem.
Jim Begley

After the Pub at Monte Carlo stopped brewing its own beers, there was very little to distinguish it from other Strip sports bars, and hence, less reason to visit. Under the tutelage of GM Brian Ingram that’s changed. The Pub’s newly revamped beer menu—including 136 taps that rival the selection at Yard House—makes it a worthwhile destination for beer geeks and novices.

At first glance, the beer list looks somewhat expensive. Rarities such as Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale ($15)—the endlessly drinkable, Japanese-brewed, Belgian-style ale, available on tap—and Redhook’s 8-4-1 Expedition Ale ($25)—an immensely palatable combination of honey, smoke and brown sugar that disguises a 9.5 percent ABV—aren’t exactly bargain basement deals. But the Pub is actively reaching out to locals with 50 percent off its extensive beer selection on Sundays. This means that 3L of Chimay Blue ($400) you’ve been eyeing can be yours for a paltry $200. Just don’t ask for a beer bong alongside that beauty.

In a similar vein, the Pub is taking great care to expose the throngs of tourists to our burgeoning local beer scene. Local brews, which include offerings from Joseph James, Sin City and Tenaya Creek breweries, are specifically highlighted on the menus, with prices kept intentionally low to entice people to sample them. We’re glad the Pub has returned as a home for beer drinkers and brewers. We’ll be there on Sundays, even if there’s no football to watch.


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