David and Cathy Guetta: f*** them, they’re famous

International superstar DJ David Guetta and his socialite wife Kathy present their party this weekend at LAX.
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“Season passes are worthless; guest lists get ripped up. Doormen you thought were your friends will spit on your shoes. Gorgeous models will stab each other through the heart with six-inch stilettos for a spot in the DJ booth.”

Sounds like one hell of a party, huh?


March 26, 10 p.m., $30 and up.
LAX Nightclub
LAX Nightclub
F*** Me I'm Famous Party

That’s how travel website Ibiza Spotlight describes David and Cathy Guetta’s infamous F*** Me I’m Famous party at Pacha nightclub in Ibiza. It’s a star-studded, wild mess of pure nightlife mayhem. And this summer, you won’t have to hop on a flight to experience it yourself.

Starting April 10, the Guettas are bringing the bash to Las Vegas, setting up shop at Wet Republic for 26 consecutive Sundays of DJ-fueled, island-style fun. And since every massive party needs an equally massive pre-grand opening launch party, on March 26 David and Cathy are giving the city its first taste of FMIF with an one-night-only spectacle (dare we say, one-night stand?) at LAX modeled after the Ibiza party that started it all nearly 10 years ago. That means costumed dancers, stunning décor and Grammy-winner David Guetta in the DJ booth. Don’t forget to wish Cathy a happy birthday when you finally catch your breath.

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