Our email chat with Marquee resident ATB

ATB and Laidback Luke spin this Saturday at Marquee.
Photo: Philip Rathmer

How would you assess your residency at Marquee so far?

This club is very unique in the U.S. The $3 million DJ booth with LEDs sets itself apart from the rest. I like the whole club and the party people there, who are really open to different kinds of electronic music. And I love Vegas! The city is pulsating day and night. There’s no other city like this on this planet.

Vegas is quickly becoming a global dance music capital. Is it a good fit?

Las Vegas is becoming a more and more interesting spot for electronic music over the last years. I really like to play in the U.S., and the mentality of its party people, so I’m very happy to see that Las Vegas turns into another pilgrimage site for electronic music.

Are you playing Electric Daisy Carnival this year? What do you think of the festival’s move from LA to Las Vegas?

We are working on it and look forward to being a part of the first EDC Las Vegas edition.

What were the motivations and inspirations behind your latest album, Distant Earth?

When I’m on tour I experience so much affection from the people I meet, especially from the people dancing and smiling right in front of the DJ booth. I’m taking these moments of emotions home with me to the studio and using them for new tracks.


ATB at Marquee
With Laidback Luke
May 28, doors at 10 p.m.
$100 men, $50 women
Local ladies free until 11 p.m.
Marquee at the Cosmo, 333-9000

As the title of the album already reveals, the music on the album should make people forget the world around. From dreamy through trancey to progressive sounds, I think there is something for everybody who likes electronic music. And of course there are also a lot of new things to discover, from unknown vocals you won’t have heard before on one of my albums to completely new sound elements. My challenge was to give the listener this partly new “sound ambiance,” always the feeling that it’s 100 percent ATB. And I think I have succeeded in this.

As on my last album, Future Memories, I also wanted to show people the two musical sides of ATB on Distant Earth. CD 1 represents the clubby, danceable side, CD 2 the quieter, tranquil, ambient side, which invites you to relax. I’m really happy with the album and hope the listeners like it as much as I do.

What do you enjoy most about DJing?

For me, my family and friends are very important. So I spend with them as much time as possible, trying to relax and collect new energy for upcoming shows.

You often collaborate with fellow DJs and other artists. Who’s someone you haven’t worked with but would like to, and why?

This kind of dream already came true with Jean-Michel Jarre. He was, and still is, one of my biggest inspirations over the years. I got the opportunity to remix his track “Vintage” in 2005. This was one of the greatest experiences of my whole life.

With 20 years of being in the business, you’ve really seen electronic dance music evolve. Where do you see it going next?

Electronic music is getting more and more important all around the globe within the last years and deserves its standing as an inherent part in the international music scene. I am really happy to see that, especially as the electronic music community in the U.S. grows. I am very happy to be a part of it and to assist this ongoing growing.

Las Vegas is going to be a top DJ hub for Memorial Day Weekend. With all the talent in town, why should EDM junkies head to Marquee on Saturday?

Of course due to the music and an unbelievable show. ;o)


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