Six questions with Marquee resident DJ Chuckie

Hands up: DJ Chuckie gives the universal EDM sign for awesome.
Al Powers, RETNA

You played the LA Coliseum for Electric Daisy Carnival 2010. How did this year’s festival in Vegas compare?

LA is like a big capital; it’s really good in general that they have such big electronic events. I was really happy that Las Vegas got a chance to prove itself. Las Vegas is going to be a very important place for electronic music, so this is a good start.

Are we even close to Ibiza? What location has the best scene in your opinion?

I think at this point you cannot even compare Las Vegas with Ibiza. I wouldn’t call it the next Ibiza, but it’s definitely up there.

How would you assess your residency at Marquee so far?

It’s really great, and it’s a really big challenge for me. Two or three years ago there was no full house club in Vegas. It’s really great that there’s an interesting development in Vegas and in general in the States. Every time I go there I can play deeper and deeper stuff, and that’s really great and it’s really interesting for everybody.

What do you think is facilitating EDM’s rapid rise in popularity?


DJ Chuckie
September 9, doors at 9:30 p.m.
$30 men, $20 women
Marquee Nightclub, 333-9000

The fact that dance music in general embraces so many different genres. There’s like a bit for everybody. You can blend whatever style with dance music and it feels right and it sounds right.

We know you’re all about the Dirty Dutch, but I’m wondering, is that your personal favorite sub-genre to listen to?

Hip-hop. I used to be a hip-hop DJ.

What do you enjoy most about DJing?

I enjoy that the people actually appreciate your work. You get compliments and it’s just great the way people receive the music. The people are very thankful, and that’s what I love about the whole scene. I just came off this Identity Festival, and in some cities we had a lot of rain. And people just stood there on the dancefloor, dancing their faces off and just exploding and cheering and everything. This way you know people really love the music.


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