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LMFAO’s Sky-Blu rains champagne at Wet Republic

Photo: Brenton Ho


Who Came to Party!?
Sky Blu’s Who Came to Party!? September 2, 11 a.m., $40 men, $20 women. Wet Republic, 891-3563

Once a month, a downpour hits Wet Republic. The sun goes on shining, the bikinis go on dancing and maybe a few people open their mouths and try to catch the droplets on their tongues. It’s an isolated drizzle brought on by a booze-infused rain dance to the sound of Sky Blu’s party rock beats. This is the ultimate champagne shower.

It goes a little something like this: At a designated time during Sky Blu’s monthly Who Came to Party!? set at Wet Republic, pool club staff, the DJ and his entourage all gather in front of the DJ booth. Each person grabs two bottles of champagne and, when a signal is given, they shake and spray, letting loose a flood of bubbly that drenches anyone in its path. It’s a decadent expression of exuberance, a splash-happy release that absolutely answers the question posed by the pop star. Who came to party? When Sky Blu’s behind the decks at Wet Republic, everyone.

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