Meet Marquee’s hard-partying mascot: Mr. Q

Dancing is easy; finding these headphones was the tough part.”
Photo: Bill Hughes

What's life like for Marquee's big-headed, grammatically creative, mute mascot? Too Party.

You’ve got a big head. Does that make dancing difficult?

You’ve got a small head. Dancing is easy; finding these headphones was the tough part.

Ever take flack for wearing sunglasses indoors?

These aren’t sunglasses; they’re party glasses. Big difference. People wear sunglasses because the sun is too bright; I wear party glasses at Marquee, because the Party is too Party.

Do you have any heroes?

Mr. Q

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Andrew W.K. That guy is the apotheosis of Party.

Do you have a life philosophy?

Party is a noun, verb and adjective.

But Marquee is only open four nights a week. What do you do on the other nights, when you’re not partying?

I read fan mail. That’s it. No time for anything else.


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