Four cocktails to get you through the season

Sabrina Chapman

Spread some cheer with cocktails designed to impress party guests, celebrate the season and help you survive a visit from your in-laws.

    • Mom's Hot Buttered Rum

      If I can’t be home for Christmas, all I want is a steamy cup of Mom’s Hot Buttered Rum ($12). The concoction by Cosmopolitan mixologist Mariena Mercer is served at the resort’s Ice Rink and has a special touch from executive chef Jeff Walter: The recipe for the butter mix came from his mom on a hand-written note.


      4 oz. hot milk

      2 tbsp. butter mix (see below)

      1½ oz. Monte Cristo 12-year spiced rum

      Butter mix ingredients:

      ½ g. vanilla ice cream

      ½ lb. butter

      ½ lb. brown sugar

      ½ lb. powdered sugar

      1 tsp. nutmeg

      ½ tsp. cinnamon

      Method: For butter mix, melt the butter and stir in sugars and spices until it has the consistency of a caramel. Put softened ice cream in blender, drizzle the hot caramel and blend until evenly mixed. Refreeze. For the cocktail, add Monte Cristo, butter mix and hot milk in a glass and stir.

    • STMP (Surviving the Mayan premonition)

      Chateau mixologist Gerald Pacheco’s STMP ($25) is a go-to seasonal cocktail that you’ll want to sip on even if the world doesn’t end on December 21.


      4 oz. Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut

      ¾ oz. TyKu Soju

      ¾ oz. TyKu

      Citrus Liqueur

      ¾ oz. St. Germain liqueur

      raspberry and lemon

      twist (Garnish)

      Method: Pre-mix the three liquors together and store the mix in a glass bottle in the
refrigerator. Add 1½ oz. of chilled mix into a champagne flute then fill up with Perrier-Jouët. Stir gently and serve. Garnish with whole raspberry and twisted peel of lemon.

    • Snowflake

      “Mele Kalikimaka” means “Merry Christmas to you” in Hawaii, and it’s the inspiration behind Jose Zepeda’s Snowflake ($18). Served at the Bellagio’s Hyde, the cocktail has fruit flavors complemented by drops of liquid nitrogen and a coconut rim that makes this snowflake a pure holiday delight.


      ¾ oz. Cîroc Coconut

      ¾ oz. Malibu

      ¾ oz. white

      cranberry juice

      ½ oz. simple syrup

      ½ oz. lemon juice

      coconut flakes (rim)

      3 drops of liquid nitrogen

      Method:Rim cocktail glass with coconut flakes. Add all ingredients except liquid nitrogen to a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into martini glass. Add 3 drops of liquid nitrogen and serve.

    • Poinsettia

      La Cave General Manager Jennifer Holley keeps the restaurant’s specialty cocktail list flavored with a little competitive spirit. For the winter staff cocktail competition, bartender Trevor Roseman created the Poinsettia ($15), which represents the flavors of the holidays while keeping it fresh and simple. Sip solo or quadruple the recipe to serve guests a colorful, fruit-packed holiday punch.


      1½ oz. Nolet Gin

      1 oz. cranberry juice

      ¾ oz. PAMA pomegranate liqueur

      ½ oz. fresh squeezed

      lemon juice

      ½ oz. agave nectar

      pomegranate seeds (garnish)

      Method: Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with three pomegranate seeds.

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