Chatting with one-third of Marquee residents Above & Beyond

Marquee bound: Above & Beyond members Tony McGuinness, left, Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamaki.
Sam Glaser

The Weekly checks in with Paavo Siljamäki of the popular U.K. trance trio.

Your upcoming shows promise to elevate the DJ set into the realm of concert theater. Talk about the theatrics.

The way we think of a show, it’s there to help people connect with the music better, to help us connect with the audience better and to help the audience connect with us better. Our sound is a melodic, energetic, song-based form of dance music. Emotional, uplifting music in many shapes and forms. The DJ sets help people connect with the core feeling of a song better.

What do you credit for driving EDM’s U.S. growth?


Above & Beyond
January 21, 10 p.m.
$60 men, $30 women
Marquee, 333-9000

The Internet is an incredible platform for reaching people. People in small towns have great access to this music, whereas they didn’t before. That means, given that the music is so brilliant, there are more and more fans in America. Vegas is seeing the impact of what’s happening in the EDM scene on a global scale.

Does the genre’s growing popularity threaten to dilute artists’ creativity?

Great music is great music, and if a lot people like it, that doesn’t make it any worse. We want to make music we’re proud of when we’re old and half-deaf listening with our grandchildren.

What are the synergies between your songwriting, record label, radio show and DJ sets?

Everything stems from songwriting—it’s really what drives us. We started the record label and met a lot of fantastic artists, and now their music also fuels our DJ sets and radio show—that reaches the most people, by far ... 30 million listeners. Through DJing, we love giving a face to the end-user of our music. They give purpose and meaning to what we do. It’s so fantastically inspiring to be able to play our music and see an immediate response.


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