Alesso on working with Sebastian Ingrosso, EDC and more

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It seems like you emerged overnight. How did it happen so fast?

I worked a lot with Sebastian Ingrosso. We met, like, 13, 14 months ago. I gave his father a CD at this coffee shop; he gave it to Seb; he loved it; and the next day, I’m with Seb in his studio and we hit it off. He said, “Let’s work together. I wanna release some of your records on our label.” And here we are now. Releasing all my records on his label and touring together.

How do you and Sebastian collaborate in the studio?

We have a lot of fun and we're very professional. We don't drink or party—we're very focused. Of course, we have a great time but we're like, okay let's f*ckin' do something great. Let's do something crazy and fun. Today melodic, next day more hardcore. Different every time, but it's great every time.

If you could form a Swedish House Mafia II around yourself, who else would be in the group?

Definitely Sebastian Ingrosso. I love Avicii; I love Axwell. Probably go with those guys because I love their music so much.

How do you describe the Swedish sound?

The Swedish sound has a lot of emotion. Sometimes it's very happy; sometimes it's very sad. But it has this special thing that you can't really touch, you can just feel it. Like its goes into your heart a lot of times, yeah, and that's ... a lot of chords, melodies, like a story, like a journey.

How was your experience at EDC?

It was f*ckin’ insane—one of the biggest things this year in terms of EDM. I saw Afrojack, Kaskade and Sebastian Ingrosso. ... But I can’t do much, because I’m 20. So I’m not allowed to drink, to party or anything. So I just mostly just stay at my hotel room producing music. So it’s not that fun, but it’s all right. [Laughs] I have a really good time when I DJ.


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