DJ DallasK underwhelms in his Las Vegas debut at Encore Beach Club

The Orlando-based DJ made his Vegas debut last weekend.
Amanda Nowak
Sarah Gianetto

He’s not from Dallas, k?

It’s my first time catching the Orlando-based electro house DJ/producer since he popped onto the Beatport charts last year, and quite frankly, I’m surprised by how soon DallasK is gracing a major stage in Las Vegas.

At Encore Beach Club at roughly 4 p.m. on Saturday, I scan the scene, hoping the mint leaves from watermelon mojitos aren’t stuck in my teeth. It’s 107 degrees, girls are teetering from a combination of bottle service and giant wedge heels, and there’s a giraffe … wearing leopard print. I suspect that DallasK is the baby-faced, shaggy-haired kid in a baseball cap surrounded by dudes in Dancing Astronaut shirts, and I wonder what it’s like to be barely 21 years old during these glory days of Las Vegas EDM, taking the stage during what has become a pretty typical summer’s day to us (which is never actually typical).

“Everyone is there to go crazy and have a great time, and the vibe this energy creates makes for an insanely fun atmosphere to play in,” DallasK says, after the fact. “Playing my first big show in Las Vegas was amazing. It’s an incredible hub for dance music.”

While DallasK is clearly making name enough for himself with remixes for the likes of Nero, I’m not particularly moved by his set. A nearby attendee simply tells me, “He’s ... doing his job.” With all the talent that spoils Vegas, I wonder how dismissive that comment was really meant to be.


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