Double Down: A few favorite memories (and one Molotov cocktail)

Keeping it weird: For 20 years, Double Down has catered to blue-collar workers, local musicians, college students and everyone in between.
Photo: Leila Navidi

Steven Matview Punksinvegas.com

“My first impression of the Double Down was this is going to make for some great photos. With the colorful art, sticker-littered walls and giant ‘shut up and drink’ sign, every band I photograph looks infinitely more awesome in that place.”


Double Down 20th Anniversary
November 22-25.
Thursday-Saturday, 10 p.m.; Sunday, midnight; free.
4640 Paradise Road, 791-5775.
Two decades of Double Down

Jenn O. Cide Punk Rock Bingo host

“One of my favorite memories is pretty recent. It was a photo shoot where this photographer, Mike Diamond, brought in two lesbians, three punk rockers, two miniature horses, a Capuchin monkey, a girl in a mask, me holding a Molotov cocktail, a guy passed out under a table and, like, six hot chicks, all in one photo. It’s just an amazing picture that captures the spirit of it all. It just fits what I consider to be the soul of the bar."

Elvis Lederer Local musician

“For Halloween, Überschall always dresses up when we play at the Double Down. One year, I showed up in costume, but the rest of the band looked totally normal. Confused, I set up my gear and all of a sudden the other guys went missing just before we needed to start—just to surprise me and the rest of the audience by [dressing up] exactly like me: long curly wigs, tight Euro-trash T-shirts and sunglasses.”

Rob Ruckus Local musician, Double Down bartender

“My favorite memories are sharing a glass of wine with Timothy Leary and the Ruckusfest show, a birthday gig I had there in 2006. Moss made bobbleheads of me, and he had six bands that I was in—in one night.”


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