Hyde proves to be the perfect party for Labor Day Weekend

Masks were part of the playful scene on Saturday night.

Labor Day Weekend is great. It’s got all the perks of Memorial Day Weekend, only you don’t have to feel guilty about partying while you should be honoring the fine men and women who gave their lives defending this country. So drink up!

The Details

Hyde Bellagio
Bellagio, 693-8700.
Opens daily, 5 p.m.; events Tuesday, Friday & Saturday, 10 p.m.-4 a.m.

I spent Saturday night at Hyde, along with a bunch of people who’d intended to go to the Bank, but saw the line stretching all the way back to the roulette pit and decided they’d rather have fun than stand around while other, better-connected people have fun for them.

At the door, my girlfriend and I were greeted by a go-go on a leather bench, dressed like Madonna circa “Like a Virgin.” Only I don’t remember Madonna wearing a cat mask and holding a Tommy gun.

Hyde was the perfect place to spend LDW: The mix-and-match furniture and quirky art made me feel like I was back at my über-rich, über-eccentric friend’s house—you know, the friend I don’t actually have. And the mist coming off Lake Como (i.e., Lake Bellagio) and gently blowing through the open wall checked off my need to attend a pool party the next afternoon. One-stop LDW shopping. Er, partying.

My girl and I ordered martinis and were delighted to find them served in extra-large martini glasses. All other Vegas clubs, take note: Crowded spaces + traditional-sized martini glasses = the gin goes everywhere except for the mouth.

Next, we debated who the dozen girls at the corner table might be. Do they work at another club? Are they doing outreach? No. They’re all barefoot; no manager would allow that. Are they here for a bachelorette party, looking for wild times and fun hookups? No, there’s not a single guy at the table. Who are these people?

Across the club, a high roller ordered two bottles of Ace of Spades champagne. Then the fountains went off. Then the go-gos changed into Jason hockey masks. Then the fountains went off again. Had it really been 15 minutes? DJ Konflikt spun “Get Low” and Cameron the magician stole my watch. Again, the fountains. Another 15 minutes? Did I really just party the whole night away?


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