With its third anniversary approaching, Cosmo evolves its nightlife program

Cosmopolitan mixologist Mariena Mercer has concocted a new menu for the expanded Bond bar.
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When you hear “three years,” you likely think more of the Anton Chekhov story than the lifespan of the Cosmopolitan. Yes, it’s been open that long. So where’s the big birthday bash? Actually, the Cosmo has spared us the cake. But it has been quietly cooking up new ways to party. An additional club, venue improvements and revelatory cocktails look to enhance an already formidable roster of escapist options.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie

Brass for the glorified supper club opening December 30 sure are being coy with details, afraid both comparisons and contrasts might improperly define the high-concept space—or just ruin the surprise.

Fortunately, we’re not afraid to hazard our own guesstimates. Our takeaway: RRL wants to break the nightlife mold. Or, as Ross Mollison, head of ribald show production crew Spiegelworld (Absinthe) told us, “It really is a venue with a minimum amount of rules.”

The scant details: The second-floor complex boasts 10 rooms, including the main ballroom—where ticketholders will take in one of three distinct cantos, or performances, of Spiegelworld’s Vegas Nocturne—and the main dining room, with Coastal Luxury Management on cuisine duty. But you’ll be able to nosh and catch entertainers in multiple rooms. In fact, the performers will attempt to craft a narrative throughout the evening, creating an all-in-one escape depot. (Confused yet?)

The mansion-like venue’s upscale design and atmosphere (courtesy of AvroKO) is said to be 1920-meets-2019. Mixologist Marshall Altier has concocted a “draft cocktail” (or “freshly bottled,” per the venue) worthy of Cosmo’s high libation standards, and the “house-styled” music program translates to maximum open format, including classical and jazz.

“We don’t want to set expectations for our customers,” Mollison says. So expect nothing ... except nothing.

Under the Dome

Marquee Dayclub can fall victim to goose-pimpling winds in May, so it’ll likely be bone-cold in winter. Only it won’t be now that Marquee has erected the QDome: A temperature-controlled, EDC-style steel hangar over the dayclub area. Now, if there isn’t enough space on the main room dancefloor, simply spread to the one by the pool—which we’re told will be heated for some likely winter daylife fun.

The Bond deepens

Come December 26, the Strip-adjacent nightspot will stretch past the DJ booth, slots swapped out for table games. A stage will accommodate in-house performers. And mixologist Mariena Mercer will introduce a new cocktail program just for the booming lounge.

For those in the know

You won’t find it on the menu at Vesper or the Chandelier Bar, but ask any Cosmopolitan bartender to mix you a Red House and you’ll get a knowing smile and a damn good cocktail. The resort’s unofficial signature drink was born in Cosmo’s early days, created by Food & Beverage department staffers looking for something refreshing during the casino’s big opening. Made with Ketel One, Campari and soda, this glass of goodness tells your bartender you’re not just another tourist.

Correction: The story wrongly identified the chief mixologist at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. That position belongs to Marshall Altier.

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