Win your way into the World Series of Beer Pong

There’s still time to make it to the drinking game big leagues

Not all the competitors at the World Series of Beer Pong are goofy guys …
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Ten cups, two balls, 24 ounces of beer (or water), tens of thousands of dollars on the line. The World Series of Beer Pong is coming back to Las Vegas January 2-5 at the Flamingo, and you still have time to win your way in.

Last year’s tourney brought more than 1,000 players from 45 states together to chuck balls at cups in an effort to prove drinking game superiority and take home an oversized check. This year marks the ninth edition of the WSOBP, and with about two weeks till tourney time, you can still win your way into the Flamingo pong hall at one of Rockhouse’s upcoming satellite tournaments December 19 and 26 or PBR Rock Bar’s December 23 and 30.

World Series of Beer Pong 2013

But these aren’t your average frat bashes. If you want to hit that final cup, first you need to know the rules. WSOBP details just about every issue that could come up on its website, including basics like table length (8 feet), reformations (at 6, 3 and 1) and rollbacks (two balls in get you one ball back), and more obscure regulations like bounce shots (only count for one cup), balling and something called the “Dipsh*t Not Paying Attention Rule.”

Register in advance and pay $40 for open bar and satellite tourney entry, or spend $50 at the door for your shot at making it to the big leagues of beer pong—where you can talk smack and shoot rebuttals, but you can’t blow a ball out of a cup.

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