Meet three of Pure’s most interesting (Las Vegas) women

Jorge Labrador


The Most Interesting Woman Party
March 5, doors at 10 p.m.
$30 men, $20 women. locals free

On March 5, Pure nightclub will celebrate 29 of the most intriguing ladies in Las Vegas at its Most Interesting Woman party. (Full disclosure: Weekly editor Sarah Feldberg is on the list.) The lineup runs the gamut, from industry big shots to social media moguls, and as the fliers proclaim, “She doesn’t come to the party, the party comes to her.” Keeping that in mind, we tracked down a few of the industry icons being honored to learn the stories of their wildest nights and what makes them so damn interesting.

    • Roni Taylor

      VIP Liaison/Event Coordinator, Nightlife and Daylife at the Hard Rock Hotel (and a whole lot more)

      Favorite song: I have always loved “La Tortura” by Shakira.

      How did you get into the industry? My social-media presence grew exponentially last year, making me the most followed woman in Las Vegas with over 155,000 followers just on Facebook. Mike Goodwin, the VP of Nightlife and Daylife for the Hard Rock Hotel, reached out to me and asked me to be a part of the Body English team ... I am the “Purveyor of Pleasure” at Body English.

      Best thing about working in the industry: I really enjoy entertaining people. I get the opportunity to meet so many of my social-media friends and followers who come out to meet me and take pics. ... I have a creative side that needs to be fed, and these venues give me ample opportunity to do that.

      Most memorable night in Vegas: Halloween 2011. I was a body-painted Jessica Rabbit. We hit several clubs and, needless to say, my costume (or lack thereof) was a hit—except for at Surrender. I was quickly escorted out of the club—apparently, pasties were not allowed.

      Something people don’t know about you: I was the youngest EMT and firefighter ever certified in Northern Kentucky. At 17, I got my certification and worked as a volunteer EMT/firefighter by night and a senior in high school by day.

      What makes for a good night in Vegas? No wait, a table and bottle service waiting for myself and my friends and a friendly staff I never have to look for when I need them.

    • Michelle Engstrom

      Assistant Director of Marketing, Tao Group

      Favorite song: Currently, “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding.

      How did you get into the industry? My first experience working in a nightclub was doing the mailing list at LAX in Hollywood, circa 2005. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that internship was the start of my career.

      Best thing about working in the industry: I love meeting new people, and working in the industry I get to do that every weekend.

      Most memorable night in Vegas: The opening of Marquee Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve 2011. We had the afterparty for Jay-Z’s concert in the Boombox Room and found ourselves with Jay, Kanye [West], Beyoncé, Rihanna and all of our celebrity guests celebrating the new year in a very intimate setting.

      Something people don’t know about you: I was a competitive dancer for 12 years. It shaped who I am as an individual. My one regret is not sticking with it after high school.

      What makes for a good night in Vegas? A nice dinner and drinks with friends. I’ve been exploring Downtown a lot more lately, which has really become a fun place to hang out. Working in nightclubs, I much prefer a low-key atmosphere on my nights off.

    • Danielle Davidson

      Model Cocktail Server, Hakkasan Las Vegas - Nightclub

      Favorite song: A tie, “With or Without You” by U2 and “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

      How did you get into the industry? I started out as a hostess when I was 14. I have always had a passion for the hospitality industry, so what better place to live out one of my passions than the entertainment capital of the world?

      Best thing about working in the industry: One of my favorites is all the people that I get to meet. ... I love learning about people’s lives and careers; no one is the same.

      Most memorable night in Vegas: Along with waitressing, I am also an MGM Ring Girl, and two fight nights stick out for me: my first, Pacquiao vs. Hatton, and my most recent, Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4. It was the most incredible knockout I’ve ever seen, and the hype and energy in the city was like no other.

      Something people might not know about you: A funny thing about me is that I am terrified of octopi, which is ironic because I am obsessed with the ocean and anything having to do with water. I also love to eat octopus, which I think is even more weird!

      What makes for a good night in Vegas? I’m a firm believer that what makes a great and memorable night is who you spend it with. If you’re surrounded by great friends, it’s a recipe for a perfect night!

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