New party pool Daylight offers eye candy—and free water!

Daylight opened at Mandalay Bay Memorial Day weekend 2013.
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How did you spend Saturday afternoon? That day it crept up to 111 degrees? I spent it outside, in the sun, at our city’s newest day club: Daylight. So did a lot of other people; when I showed up, the bar line was three deep, and it stayed that way until I left.

A lot of these poolgoers came from Mandalay Bay—the hotel gave its guests free entry—and a lot of them came from Southern California. I talked with a San Diego-based writer named Henry who frequents Hard Rock’s Intervention, Rehab’s San Diego equivalent. He said Daylight was five times bigger.

“The people are similar,” he observed, “but I’m loving this ratio—ratio of women to men, I mean.”

It did look like there were a lot more women than men, but that could be because the women were dancing to Thomas Gold’s tracks on the ledges and the beds and the stage, while Daylight’s guys were mostly looking for a shady place to stand and watch them.

From its massive pool to the chic cabanas (pictured), Daylight keeps you cool.

Also on pedestals inside the weeks-old Mandalay Bay dayclub, the Peligroso Tequila models in black bikinis and sneakers. They were pouring $10 cinnamon shots in the back. But the coolest area was out in front of the large festival-style stage. I’m talking about the literal coolest area: Come 3:45 p.m., the sun moved behind the DJ booth’s massive awning, which provided some shade to the dancers and swimmers in the pool’s shallow entrance.

For those who couldn’t find a spot in the shade, Daylight offered complimentary paper cups of cold water by the exit. Of course, you can buy a bottle of water for $10, too. (Water-bottle cocktails are $35, which is comparable to Rehab.)

I opted for the water. I found a spot in front of the stage and beside a massive LED panel, and I took in the sights: the palm trees, the orange umbrellas and towels, the pink and white beach balls and, of course, the girls, many of whom wore one-piece bathing suits. Not the old-fashioned one-piece, however. The new incarnation is really a skimpy bikini with the two pieces connected by a tiny strip of fabric. It’s meant to be worn over gold heels. They’re less comfortable than flats, obviously, but easier to find when you get out of the pool and confront a massive pile of flip-flops.

As I headed for the exit, two girls in an elevated VIP cabana gave me a seductive wave. I hadn’t really done anything to deserve it, and I wondered if maybe it was meant for the guy behind me—the one with the massive Dog4Life chest tattoo. Guess I’ll never know.

Daylight: Mandalay Bay, 588-5656. Mon & Thu-Sun, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Wed, 10 p.m.-3 a.m.

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