Electric Daisy Carnival

Your new favorite DJ! EDC’s Discovery Project returns

The Discovery Project brings relative unknowns to the EDC masses for the second year this weekend.
Jorge Labrador

The tracks have been uploaded, the submissions sent in, and as the judges quietly deliberate behind the scenes, DJ profile pages across the Internet are abuzz with hype and hope alike. Electric Daisy Carnival’s Discovery Project is back.

Launched at last year’s festival, the Discovery Project gives a select group of relatively unknown DJs and producers the chance to play at the same festival as EDM heavyweights like Skrillex, Calvin Harris and Fatboy Slim. The inaugural set of 17 performers was such a success the program has since been brought to other EDC festivals.

As with last year’s event, this summer’s performers will play on the state-of-the-art, 360-degree Discovery Stage, located at the center of the EDC grounds. If you’re one to boast about liking a musician before he or she makes the big time, this is the place to lay claim to a trove of under-the-radar audio treasures.

And if you’re an artist, a fateful set at the Speedway could put you on the fast track. Colorado-based producer James Egbert was one of 2012’s winners, and he says he’s felt the impact of his Vegas set.

“[EDC] was huge for getting me exposure. Everybody looks at [EDC] and looks to see who the newest talent is,” says Egbert, who has since seen continued success on Beatport and has even been invited to play the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. The key, he says, is innovation.

“The biggest thing is to bring something unique to the table. Don’t sacrifice your integrity just to be unique. But something different, something that stands out, is always what puts those DJs on the highest level.”

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