Electric Daisy Carnival 2013

Highlights and observations from EDC Night 2

Empire of the Sun performs during night 2 of the Electric Daisy Carnival, Saturday June 22, 2013.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

Coolest stage detail: If it weren't for the flowers in its left hand, Basscon's giant, animatronic, gas mask-wearing ghoul is the most heavy metal thing at a festival that is decidedly un-metal. Some of the hardstyle pumping from the stage early in the morning had a doomy gloom vibe to it, too. Peace and love are fine and all, but a few Basscon sets had fun dabbling in deeper, darker, and equally danceable sounds.

You had to be there: As if the Discovery Project stage wasn't already an interesting zone, the sight of a Metro officer dancing with a guy dressed in nothing but American flag boxer briefs—and a few other partygoers—was pretty damn epic.

Favorite crowd moment: Catching the Kinetic Field audience's reaction to the 1999 Pharaohe Monche single "Simon Says," which was one of the tracks to come on in between Avicii's and Tiesto's sets. Never seen so many people get into a inter-set track like that. Way to know the classics, crowd.

Day 2 of 2013 EDC

Best roving performers: Keep an eye out for the big, ghostly-looking white snake with bicyclists inside it, gracefully and effortlessly gliding through the crowds. How do they keep in sync like that?

Roving, but not performers: No, those folks you see around the festival aren't in costume as a film crew, they're filming the EDC 2013 movie. You better be ready for your close-up.

Where the action is: Cosmic Meadow is the place to be if you like a little more stage presence. Saturday night's lineup included Empire of the Sun's crazy live show and Major Lazer's well-known stage antics, not to mention their sparklers and pyrotechnics. Even Skrillex, often described as a notoriously placid live act, found himself jumping up and around during his set as half of Dog Blood. -Jorge Labrador

Favorite set: Empire of the Sun returned after playing the inaugural Las Vegas EDC with a whole new album of material. One of the few live acts at the fest, their Saturday night set was definitely something to see. That's also because they're basically the Lady Gaga of EDM, and they definitely didn't disappoint with their otherworldly costumes. The band really rocked and delivered a solid show.

Best stage: Kinetic Field looks phenomenal! The stage got a serious makeover from 2012 and now looks like a neon, hallucinogenic mushroom world—it's just as trippy as it sounds, and that's a very good thing.

Where the party at? The kandi kids danced everywhere, but they sure do get down to the bass! The Bass Pod stage was a fun place to be because of this infectious crowd behavior.

Day 2 of 2013 EDC, Aerials

Fueling up: Taco dog FTW! The hot dog meets nachos, basically. it's as gloriously awful—or awfully glorious—as it sounds.

On parking: I got to the Speedway a lot earlier on Saturday than Friday and thought I'd have a parking advantage because of it. WRONG! It took three times as long to walk in, a half-hour from the lot to the gates.

Strangers are awesome: Blatantly trashed, the dude parked next to us offered up some advice for how to find your car the next morning. Now that's some PLUR (peace, love, unity and respect). Thanks, man.

Strangers suck: Where's the PLUR, kandi bros? Stop hating on my purple Kanye shades. -Mark Adams


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