How LA radio star Eric D-Lux became one of Vegas’ most prolific DJs

DJ Eric D-Lux plays Marquee’s weekly industry night this Monday.
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Hyde Bellagio. Drai’s Hollywood. 1 Oak Mexico City. Marquee Las Vegas. There’s a reason Skam Artist Eric D-Lux’s schedule is packed with major nightlife brands, including a handful of clubs along Las Vegas Boulevard. Before he takes over Marquee Mondays on March 25, we caught up with the LA-based Vice protégé to hear how he’s gone from street team to serious DJ.

You were relatively unknown when Power 106 gave you a shot. How’d that happen?

I started on a street team and really just started making noise. Like making mix tapes and doing party breaks, putting out vinyl that still gets played to this day: “That’s the anthem, get your damn hands up” over the 50 Cent beat. ... One day, Vice and Echo were like “Yo, you need to be on the radio, man. You’re perfect—you’re from LA, you’re young, you’re Latin, you’re in the demo; you should just do it!” ... Vice pretty much forced me, and he recorded my demo at his house at like 3 in the morning. And a week later we’re on the radio. It was crazy.

How else did Vice help mentor you?

Oh man, every way. He and Echo took me under their wing, and I honestly didn’t understand why. They were on the radio killing it. And they helped me just by introducing me to everyone, taking me to every club, getting me on the radio. I started opening for Vice at Tao. That’s how I really broke into the Vegas scene, too.

How does DJing for radio compare to DJing for the club?

It’s a whole different world. DJing on the radio feels like I’m in my closet. You don’t realize there’s millions of people listening. So you’re just kind of playing, you’re just real calm, it’s real chill. And in the club, you kind of feed off the energy, off the vibe. People are drinking, you’re having a good time; it’s like night and day.


Eric D-Lux
With EDX
March 25, 10 p.m., $30 men, $20 women, locals free.
Marquee, 333-9000

How has the Internet affected music radio?

The Internet being as big as it is now definitely ruined radio a little. I remember as a kid, I used to have to tune in. “Oh man, there’s a new Snoop song; I gotta tune into the radio.” Now, it’s like, “Oh, there’s a new Snoop song? Go to YouTube,” and there it is.

How do the club scenes compare in LA versus Vegas?

The club scene in LA, they shut down at 2 a.m., and people are so cool, they don’t get to the clubs until about 12:30 or 1. So you really have like an hour, hour and a half to really have a good time. And out here, people are just ready to party ... The clubs out here are a thousand times better than in LA, for sure.

In Vegas you play Marquee, Tao, Lavo, Pure, SHe and Hyde. How do you get in bed with everyone without upsetting anyone?

It’s crazy. I do so many clubs out here and they’re all competitors, and somehow they’re all okay with it. I honestly don’t know why. I just kinda keep a cool relationship with everybody and do my job, and if they’re happy, then everyone’s happy.

Where do you discover new music these days?

Internet or labels email me all the new records, so it’s all on the Internet. is my favorite. They’re up on everything, so I check it every day and there’s, like, hundreds of updates.

Are you making moves on the production side?

Production side’s good, man. The last thing I did was “Shots,” like three years ago with LMFAO, which was a big record for me. ... I wrote the hook and co-produced it with them, and it did really well. ... I took a three-year break. I was just so burnt out. Now I’m back in and already sat down with French Montana and Kid Ink. ... Production’s exciting right now ... it feels like a new hobby again.

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