Three questions with Foxes, the vocalist on Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ megahit

Enjoying youth: Foxes performs at Haze on November 21.

You know English singer-songwriter Foxes from her soaring vocals on Zedd’s massive hit, “Clarity,” and now on her own, “Youth.” She chatted with the Weekly ahead of this weekend’s performance at Haze.

Did you come up with the vocal melody and/or the lyrics for “Clarity”? “Clarity” is very different from my stuff. I didn’t want to do it originally, unless I could put myself into it; I didn’t want to just be the vocalist. With Zedd, I wasn’t involved in the writing process, which is strange for me. I’ve never done that before. But we kind of made it more “me.” He built the track around me.

Does it still have deeper meaning for you, personally? I thought “Clarity,” lyrically, was similar to things I’d done in the past. That was the draw. It’s beautifully metaphorical. It definitely has a deeper meaning to it than other dance tracks ... I could relate to it; it speaks to what I would speak. Stripped back, you can hear that with the voice and piano, you can really hear the lyrics. I didn’t want to turn that down.

Does hitting No. 1 with “Youth” feel more special because it’s your song? Yeah, it definitely does. It was really nice this year because it gave me a chance to learn a lot and not have the pressure all on me, [to] tag along with these amazing artists and work with them. I definitely learned a lot. It’s nice to come out of that and now can stand on my own two feet and have my own thing and the recognition. “Clarity” was very special for me still. It’s a similar happiness, but “Youth” is definitely my baby.

Foxes November 21, 10:30 p.m., $30 men, $20 women. Haze, 693-8300.

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