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Coyote Ugly: Home to bra chandeliers and bartop dancing

At Coyote Ugly your cocktails come with a side of live entertainment, courtesy of the New York-New York bar’s bartending beauties.

For most locals, Coyote Ugly is either a place to stop with tourist friends on the obligatory Boulevard bar crawl, or a terrible 2000 rom-com flick starring Piper Perabo (yeah, we don’t know where she went, either …).

Well, the former started slinging drinks shortly after the flick in 2001, appropriately at New York-New York (Coyote Ugly was set at the original Big Apple location of the bar of the same name), and not much has changed since. Bartending beauties still dance atop the bar, inviting female patrons to do the same (with each brave lady scoring a free shot each time); bras still hang from the center of the room as a sort of makeshift chandelier centerpiece (panties adorn the walls, too); and the watering hole has maintained its dingy-yet-corporate biker-bar aesthetic.

I’m somewhat of a regular at Downtown’s Hogs & Heifers—another ladies-on-the-bar, lingerie-on-the-walls kind of place—but hadn’t been to Coyote in quite some time. During a recent happy hour (two-for-one drinks, 6 to 8 p.m.), we ordered a pair of Coyote’s signature drinks and perched ourselves at the bar, taking in the pregaming tourist crowd.

The drinks were a little too sweet, but we could taste the kick. At least we got our $10 worth, right? And while only a few groups of cocktail-clutching friends were sprinkled throughout the place, the bartender confirmed it: We arrived too early for the party crowd.

So, next time you’re (begrudgingly) walking the Strip with visitors, know there’s a decent happy hour right around the corner. Just remember the DJ takes the booth at 9 p.m.

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