Three questions with Splitbreed’s Kalani Moe

Max Plenke

Not only is Mile High Club the first full-length album, but you also started your own label to release it, Skyfall Music, distributed on Symphonic Distribution. Why start your own imprint? I got tired of looking at the statement on my royalties and seeing half being taken from a label. I’ve made good blog and PR connections in the years we’ve been doing this, so we wanted to use our own know-how. It lets us also release different remix albums with our own producers, stuff that gets overlooked, things that aren’t typical and bend genres like us.

With all the dance music forums out there, do you approach releases differently? There are so many subgenres in EDM and we cover a lot of them, so we decided to focus each song toward a blog that covers that type. The type of fans that want to hear that style will hear that first. Originally the album had 16 tracks, but we decided to take a different approach with this project. We broke it into two parts, eight songs each. This will keep a steady flow of content in the ADD generation. We feel like if we spread two parts over four months of promo, the songs will all get the recognition they deserve.

2012’s EP BassDrop LoveFall was really grimy and underground. This new record feels cleaner, like you’re tapping into the mainline a little more. Is that to get to a wider audience? You hit it, man. The thing is, and this might sound weird, but we do EDM because we’ve been hip-hop guys who got bored of hip-hop beats and like EDM beats more. This is a way to meet in the middle for us. We aren’t straight hip-hop or EDM. It’s a little bit of everything, and I hope people will see us for what we are with this album. It’s our best work to date.

Splitbreed Album Release August 22, 10:30 p.m., $20 men, $10 women. Body English, 702-693-5000.

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