Prolific producer Chris Cox returns to Las Vegas

Local product: Producer Chris Cox’s musical talents were cultivated at UNLV.
Photo: Steve Marcus
Deanna Rilling

He’s got 46 Billboard No. 1 hits. Two Grammy nominations. Remixes of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Rihanna and now Katy Perry. Collaborations with Pete Tong, Giorgio Moroder, Daft Punk and Avicii (among others).

But chances are, if you’re new to clubbing and dance music, you might not match a name to that impressive resume. So meet Chris Cox, a longtime LA and Las Vegas resident whose legacy actually started just off the Strip.

How did you end up originally moving from Northern Nevada to Vegas? I came to UNLV on a music scholarship. I played in all the bands at UNLV. From jazz band and marching band to the symphony—everything. While I was at UNLV, I discovered this little gem of a radio station called KUNV. ... They used to host nights at clubs and that was kind of like my intro to working at some of the clubs back in the day.

What are your favorite memories from back then? Who did you work with? I was on the radio station with the now very famous Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method.

I actually bought my first piece of studio gear from him way back when. There was also this young kid who came into the club I was working in one time, and he and his roommate had a bet on whether or not what they were hearing on the radio was live. That man is now [known as DJ] Warren Peace.

Why are you spending more time in Vegas than LA these days? I met my closest friends in college [who still live in Vegas], and I have children that are in school [here].

You’re also starting a new label. I haven’t made the official announcement, but I guess I could here! ... My first label [Interhit] won the first dance music Grammy ever. The name of the [new] label is Buildup Music. This will be the name of the label and also the name of the [accompanying] party idea, as well.

Vegas clubbers aren’t very familiar with your music. What’s that like, and what are the barriers? There’s some [local] places I’ll go, I’ll sign autographs for a half-hour before my set. Other times, I can go completely unnoticed. But it’s just that there’s a big world out there. I think that I haven’t been as “in your face” as some of the people have been [on the production] side.

Do you have any gigs scheduled in Vegas? My tour schedule has been quite busy with other cities and other countries. [But I] would sure like to. I could bring a fresh perspective to a club here.

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