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It costs how much?! A pricing tour of Las Vegas bottles


You can sardine and sweat and wish you knew someone at a table. Or you can be that someone, enjoying a crisp drink and a cush seat. Unless you carry your millions around in a duffle, bottle service is a luxury. But it has the power to transform a good night into an epic one.

Calling, texting or emailing, and whether you go through a VIP host or a venue’s general channels, the orchestrators of bottledom are easy to work with and responsive with quotes and other details to engineer your next great Vegas story.

We anonymously canvassed the club corridor for a party night we’re planning, involving four people, a basic table and Grey Goose. Some hosts didn’t get liquor-specific and just gave us a starting price, while others quoted Grey Goose rates specifically; a few even shared the finer points of tax and gratuity depending on the night (as in, a huge DJ might be spinning close enough to wink at). Prices can swing for a lot of reasons, from table location to availability, so at the same venue you could pay less than $500, close to $1,000 or several thousand to kick back with a cocktail and a prime view.

Yeah, yeah, you could buy that Goose for $25 at Total Wine. But the bottle in bottle service is not what you’re paying for.

(Quotes reflect a mix of base table prices and for Grey Goose at basic tables on a Saturday night.)

Liaison: $295

Body English: $300

Chateau: $350

Tao: $450

Ghostbar: $475

Marquee: $525

Life: $550

Surrender: $550

1 Oak: $595

Hakkasan: $1,500

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