Laverne Cox on her Vegas nightclub gig, Netflix stardom and more

Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox hosts Liaison’s Grand Opening Celebration this weekend.

You’re hosting a grand opening on the Las Vegas Strip this weekend, joining the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Now that Orange Is the New Black is a huge hit, are you being hired frequently for celebrity appearances at events like Saturday night’s at Liaison? This is my first time hosting an event like this. I am very excited about the historic nature of the first LGBT club in a casino in Vegas.

Do you find subtle, if not overt, ways to educate those types of audiences on the transgender rights movement and community, like you do with your speaking engagements? Or is a party not the place for that? Well depending on the context, sometimes just my presence, living openly, is enough.

The transgender community experienced a couple of mainstream media milestones this year when you appeared on the cover of Time and were nominated for an acting-related Emmy award, both firsts for a transgender person. How important is it for us to see the transgender community in the mainstream media? I think when people get to know people as human beings, that goes a long way to change hearts and minds about people who are different. I think it also inspires trans people to believe that their dreams are also possible.

When you’re out in public and fans of the show stop you to talk, are they respectful with their language and questions? Our fans are amazing. They love the show and show me so much love. They are amazingly respectful.

Have you been to Vegas before? Any crazy or fun stories to share from past visits? I have been to Vegas twice, both times with my mother. We ate at buffets, saw shows—the Jubilee show was a kiki. The crazy stuff I can't talk about, 'cause what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

How long are you in town? What are you excited to see and do while in town this weekend? I am only in town for a day. I think I will just get to present at [the] iHeartRadio [Festival] and host at Liaison. But I might be able to squeeze in more fun. It's Vegas after all.

What’s your go-to cocktail? What will we see in your hand at Liaison Saturday night? I am not a big drinker. I might have a glass of champagne. As a true Sex and the City fan I love a good Cosmo as well.

One of my favorite Orange Is the New Black episodes is the mock job interview episode (you looked fabulous!). Any idea of what you’ll be “showing off your assets” in Saturday night? I am not sure what I will be wearing yet. But my stylist Christina Pacelli is excited about pulling looks for me. I can't wait to see the options.

Are you still filming Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black? Can you divulge any details at all for fans of the show? I am still shooting season 3 of Orange. Nope I can't divulge anything. NEXT! LOL

I saw you were tweeting about your upcoming role on MTV’s Faking It. Aside from Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black, what other projects are you working on right now? I also have a guest spot on the new Bravo show Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce. I am executive producing a documentary for MTV called Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. I am also hard at work on my memoir which will be out in the fall of 2015.

Liaison Grand Opening with Laverne Cox September 20, doors at 10 p.m., $20. Liaison, 702-737-5225.

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