Takeaways from three Nightclub & Bar industry sessions

Anheuser-Busch brewmaster George Reisch suggests replacing water with beer when boiling pasta or steaming vegetables.

30 Reasons Why Bars Fail While BarMagic’s Tobin Ellis touched on a number of potential reasons venues won’t succeed—from long restroom lines (no, really) to high rent and bartenders ignoring portion control—a lot of his presentation focused on maximizing efficiency. He also stressed the importance of hiring staff members with strong work ethics over those with good looks: “I don’t know why in 2015 we’re still hiring models. … If you think hiring a hot bartender is going to make you more money, 1985 called, and it wants you back.”

30 New & Emerging Beverage Alcohol Segments A lot of booze is on the rise; don’t you want to be ahead of the trends? Flavored vodka’s popularity has waned in recent years, according to Beverage World Editor-in-Chief Jeff Cioletti, while flavored whiskeys (especially honey-flavored varieties) are quickly growing in popularity. Other emerging hooch discussed included rye, mezcal and bitters, without which, Cioletti says, modern mixology “wouldn’t exist.”

Enhance Your Menu With Food & Beer Pairings Pairing beer with food is great, but Anheuser-Busch brewmaster George Reisch also shared a number of uses for beer in the kitchen—some that surprised this beer geek, like replacing water with beer when boiling pasta or steaming vegetables. “For one week turn your water off in your kitchen, and it’ll change your life,” Reisch advised.

  • “I think this has been one of the worst years for club music I’ve experienced.”

  • The 2018 edition is already topping years past with new viral menu items and more to keep the crowds moving.

  • It’s still one of our favorite Strip hideaways, and those floor-to-ceiling windows remain the stars.

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