Reality star and Vegas regular Brody Jenner returns for a birthday DJ gig

Brody Jenner celebrates No. 32, Vegas-style, this weekend at the Bank.

Between nonstop media coverage of Caitlyn Jenner and sudden public obsession with her daughter Kylie’s relationship with rapper Tyga, the Jenners have kinda stolen the spotlight from their uber-famous Kardashian kin.

Youngest Jenner brother Brody is contributing to that takeover effort with the launch of his new sex-focused talk show, Sex With Brody. The former Hills and Bromance star celebrates his 32nd birthday with a DJ set at the Bank this weekend, so we decided to “keep up” with the famous-for-being-famous celeb via email, talking the new show, why Vegas never gets old and what’s going down Saturday at the Bellagio nightclub.

You’re DJing at the Bank this week. What can clubgoers expect? They can expect a true open-format DJ set from Devin [Lucien] and I. We play everything from Martin Garrix, Fetty Wap and even some old-school hits. Each room in every city is different. [A] Vegas DJ set is completely different from [an] LA [set], which is different than NYC or Miami. We like to give the crowd what they want, whether that’s hip-hop, pop or EDM.

How did you get your start DJing? Did you have a mentor? I [have] loved music my entire life and [was] in bands when I was younger, and we even had a residency at the Viper Room. My mentor when I started [was] DJ Vice. … When I started two years ago I wanted the same setup as him. I built a small studio at my house in Malibu and just started to get to work. [I’m] grateful that so many talented DJs came over to show me the ropes, such as William Lifestyle, Devin Lucien (my current DJ partner) and Bee Fowl, to name a few.

You’ve hosted a lot of nightclub events in Las Vegas. Do you like visiting? I’ve been to Vegas so many times, but it always feels special when you touch down. There is always excitement when you walk into the casino, and I’ve learned you never know what’s going to happen while you’re in Vegas.

Your new show, Sex With Brody, launched last month. Tell me a little about your experience working on that so far. It was an amazing experience working with such talented people as Dr. Mike Dow, Stevie Ryan, and show producer David Friedman and the rest of our incredible crew. Everyone loves talking about sex, and the people who call, telling us their stories, make the show so entertaining and fun.

Brody Jenner and Devin Lucien August 22, 10:30 p.m., $30+ men, $20+ women. The Bank, 702-693-8300.

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