Electric Daisy Carnival

#protips: Advice on smart partying at EDC

Photo: Claire Hart

Leave your phone in your fanny pack. You don’t need a personal video of every Kinetic Field set—there’s the Web for that, and you’ll be annoying everyone around you.

Bring a charging cord. EDC will have charging stations this year.

Wear kandi beads! A dance-fest tradition, they’re also a great conversation piece for meeting new festival friends—so trade ’em up and share the PLUR.

Fan of bass music? Don’t forget earplugs. You’re welcome.

And about Kinetic Field: Don’t spend your entire time there. Do yourself a favor and save some of the big headliners for the next time they play the Strip, and discover a new DJ elsewhere.

Pick a specific place to regularly meet up with friends. Your pals might get lost in the kandi-kid crowd and cell-phone service has traditionally been unreliable. No one wants to party solo all night long.

Take a disco nap! Pool parties are a ton of fun, but so is not being exhausted at EDC.

Staying all night? Bring a pair of sunglasses or leave them in your car. Trust us, the sunrise is brutal.

If you feel like you didn’t pay $300 for carnival rides, at least ride the larger Ferris wheel. It’s a must.

Pick a time to head out to the Speedway, then leave 30 minutes earlier. Don’t let traffic prevent you from experiencing a must-see performer.

Explore the art installations. We get it, DJs are the main draw, but reasons abound for getting lost in EDC’s Technicolor wonderland.

Before you arrive at the Speedway, download a car-tracking application. We recommend Falcon. Scouring the parking lot for hours at 6 a.m. isn’t a good time.

Consider how your costume could impede your partying. Less is more at EDC—we’re looking at you, dude in the gold Speedo and Nikes—so don’t wear anything that restricts your movement (or blocks anyone’s view).

And most importantly—hydrate early and often. Temps are expected to be as high as 100 degrees during the festival’s operating hours. Bring an empty drink bottle—or purchase one inside—and fill ’er up at one of four free-water stations.

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  • “The idea was inspired by these terrific parties in Paris and Brussels on rooftops and thinking about how that would work in Las Vegas.”

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