Electric Daisy Carnival

[EDC 2015]

Build your EDC look from the trinkets up

Rainbows, feathers, flowers, spikes and neon, neon, neon. People dressed as sloths, bananas, fairies and superheroes. EDC fashion is indeed electric, especially when it’s lovingly curated. Even if you don’t know how to make a face mask out of kandi beads, you can piece together a standout costume with such thoughtful accessories that you’ll be rocking them long after the beats fade from the Speedway.

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      Rainbow Triangle Belt, $14.99

      It doesn’t light up. It’s just a simple belt of bonded leather and nickel detailing. But stare long enough at the pattern and the kaleidoscope effect will play lovely tricks on your eyes—and your outfit. It’s the perfect base for a buckle with edge. spencersonline.com

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      Shaggy Rainbow Chainmaille Bracelet, $25

      Made by hand from anodized aluminum rings (you can also request gold, silver or niobium) in seven vibrant shades, this is the sort of bracelet that feels as good on your skin as it looks. And the toggle clasp fits any loop, so the 7-inch length adjusts to your party. janabolic.mysupadupa.com

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      EL Wire Glasses, $8.99

      Yes, you’re cool enough to wear shades at night, because embedded EL wire illuminates the frames in three modes: steady, flashing and sound-reactive (so the light blinks to whatever beat you’re near). They come in four colors and glow for 24 hours. glowproducts.com

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      Valentina Boots, $179

      1. They’re marked down from $349. 2. They cost so much because they’re made with Peruvian leather and a stacked comfort-heal. 3. The official description says: “a great partner for your out-of-this-world dance moves.” 4. Post-dance, you will wear them forever. fluevog.com

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      Raygun Socks, $12

      Billed as the socks of the future, these knee-highs are lightweight (so your legs won’t cook) and ready for present good times. Sold by a Portland company that promises delivery by “magical flying ponies,” the cotton/polyester/spandex creation is in on the joke. sockittome.com

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      Big Banana Buckle, $22

      Banksy couldn’t have spray-painted it better. Industrial and coolly funny, this piece has been picked up by fashion blogs for a reason (because it’s so fresh, not because it was shown on The Big Bang Theory). If it’s backordered, there’s always the White Trash Boogie Cassette Tape. thealleychicago.com

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